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Get the Best Air Quality for Your Baby

* Monitors and reports changes in air quality
* Purifies air to remove allergens
* Small, sleek, stylish and connected

Want to ensure the best air quality for you and your family? Then consider the AirSense Smart Air Quality Monitor & Ion Purifier. It’s equipped with top of the line air sensors that inform you about the air quality, temperature and humidity in your home, including the baby’s room.

How do you know if your air quality is good? Until now, you didn’t. But, AirSense’s quality indicator lights will change color when your air quality changes. And, the monitor will alert you about volatile organic compounds, such as carbon monoxide, methane, ammonia and others that might be in the air. That way you know when to take action.

The AirSense Ion Purifier is especially useful for families with babies, young children, pets, or anyone with chronic illnesses. Use it to help remove allergens in the air. It also tracks room temperature and humidity levels, as well. And, it sends personalized tips based and suggestions on how to improve your air quality.

At six inches tall, AirSense is the smartest, smallest, and most stylish “connected” air monitor and purifier. Controlling it is a breeze, as it instantly syncs with your home WiFi and interfaces with the free iBaby app that comes with it. It’s iOS and Android compatible. The monitor also features two-way speakers, which can be synced to iTunes or Google Play. You can even record sounds and play it back, so baby always hears a familiar voice.

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