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Amp Up Leg Day With These Ankle Straps For Weightlifting

A cable machine is the ultimate weightlifting tool. You can squeeze a full-body workout out of one pump sesh just by using this equipment. The cables are particularly useful for shaking up leg day. However, using the shared ankle straps might be enough to keep you away. Fortunately, you can skip these sweaty straps and buy your own.

Ankle straps for weightlifting offer support as you strengthen your legs and glutes. They fit tightly around the ankle with secure velcro and include a D-ring to clip onto the cable machine. These products feature padding as well, keeping your ankles comfortable through heavy reps.

So, what should you look for in your ankle straps? You’ll want the length of the strap to fit the circumference of your ankle. Consider the amount of padding you’ll need for your lifting routine, as well as which materials you prefer.

Here are some of the best ankle straps for weightlifting to get you started on your search.

1. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Ankle Strap

Dark Iron Fitness’ ankle straps feature quality leather and reinforced stitching, so the product is built to last. The straps support your ankles without causing discomfort or hindering flexibility. They stay in place with secure velcro.

Pros: The company will replace the product if the ankle straps fail.

Cons: The padding is in the front of the strap, so some users may experience a pinch on the back of the ankle.

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2. EVONESS Ankle Straps

This set of ankle straps includes thick padding, double stitching velcro and a reinforced D-ring for high-performance workout sessions. Users can wear both ankle straps and avoid switching the strap during workouts. The product is designed to stay in place with even very heavy weights.

Pros: These ankle straps come with a medium-resistance band, a carry bag and an instructional video.

Cons: The padding measures 9.5 inches in circumference, so the straps might be slightly loose on thin ankles.

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3. DMoose Fitness Ankle Strap

DMoose’s anke straps are made with sweat-resistance neoprene material and double stitching. The double D-rings reinforce the product while you’re lifting. You can also purchase a single strap or a pair.

Pros: These straps are available in eight bold colors. The padded design distributes the weight evenly around the ankle.

Cons: The straps are ten inches in length, so they may be snug on larger ankles.

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4. VORCOOL Ankle Straps

This two-piece ankle strap set features a simple design, strong velcro and neoprene padding. Dual D-rings secure easily to cable machines for a variety of workouts. The padding prevents the fabric from digging into your ankles with each rep.

Pros: These straps are 16 inches in length, so you can adjust them to fit most ankle sizes. The product includes a carrying bag. Comfort padding protects your ankles.

Cons: This product may not last as long as leather alternatives.

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5. Iron Bull Strength Premium Ankle Strap

This ankle strap is adjustable to fit a range of ankle sizes. It also features dual D-rings for reinforced weightlifting. The velcro keeps the product in place, while the padded wool keeps the ankle comfortable.

Pros: The inner circumference of the padding is 11.5 inches, fitting a range of ankles and preventing the strap from digging into the skin.

Cons: The product only includes one strap. Pink stitching and padding may be a con for some men.


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