11 Top-Rated Ankle Weights To Up Your Workout Game

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Ankle weights are a useful add-on for many workout routines, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced athlete. This strength training accessory can help you target muscles in your lower body effectively, without the intensity of dumbbells.

When shopping for ankle weights, some factors to consider are comfort, weight and what kind of activity is being completed. There are many differently weighted options out there that can be chosen according to your fitness level.

Generally, the best ankle weights weigh between 1 to 10 pounds and come in sets of two, although some ankle weights come with adjustable pouches that allow for more versatility. Many ankle weights can also double as wrist weights, depending on their design. There’s no formula for what makes the best ankle weights — just what fits into your lifestyle the most seamlessly.

If you’re looking to make your home workouts more intense, or crank up the heat on that under-desk elliptical, give one of our best ankle weights a try.


1. REEHUT Durable Ankle Weights


These ankle weights are made of breathable mercerized cotton with an interior that absorbs sweat. A sturdy velcro strap ensures that your weights won/t be uncomfortably bouncing around throughout your activity. Although the velcro has a powerful hold, these weights are easy to take on and off, and one reviewer even wears them under socks for convenient daily use. Consider using a pair for strengthening purposes, along with physical therapy or rehabilitation, which they’re frequently used for. Users note that the REEHUT quality is significantly higher than similar options on the market.

REEHUT durable ankle weights Courtesy of Amazon

REEHUT Durable Ankle Weights



2. The Cuff Original Adjustable Ankle Weight


These trendy color-coded ankle weights from The Cuff don’t just look good – they get the job done and are a consistent bestseller across several websites. Unlike many nylon or neoprene accessories, these weights won’t absorb sweat and are easy to clean thanks to a vinyl exterior which is double stitched for extra resilience. The options on these sets make your workout completely customizable, and this brand is one of the only to offer sets with a rack for hanging.

the cuff original - best ankle weight set Courtesy of Amazon

The Cuff Original Adjustable Ankle Weight



3. Sportneer Ankle Weights


Sportneer offers the best ankle weights with adjustable heaviness. This popular option is universally sized and easy to extend or shorten. A sturdy exterior promises long-lasting quality, but a soft and breathable feel ensures that your skin is happy through the most rigorous workouts. The adjustable aspect offers tons of variety, such as usage on arms or wrists, and users can gradually increase weight without needing to purchase multiple pairs. This model is weighted with flexible sand inserts.

These ankle weights have been tested by one of our editors, and received rave reviews. They feel very well-made in person, are easy to adjust and a solid pick over all.

sportneer ankle weights Courtesy of Amazon

Sportneer Ankle Weights



4. Bandier Bala Bandles


This bougie ankle weight option from Bandier is one of the more aesthetically-pleasing options on this list, and that’s what you’re really paying for. In terms of weight, all weight is going to be similar in how they feel. These come in a range of fun colors and a chunky design that looks great IMO. They’re just two pounds each, so not a ton of weight which is perfect for those just starting out or those who only want to amp up the intensity slightly. They can be worn on wrists or ankles and are one size fits all.

Bala Bangles, ankle weights, best ankle weights Courtesy of Bandier

Bandier Bala Bangles 2lb Weights



5. Gaiam Ankle Weights


Yoga and pilates are some of the most common workouts for the addition of ankle weights, and these are made of doing just that. This 5 lb set includes two 2.5 lb weights in it that are designed for a comfortable fit that’ll stick with you throughout your training session. They have high-quality velcro closures that’ll keep the weight from shifting and sliding too much in motion —  a useful feature during workouts where you go upside down a lot. The reinforced stitching makes these ideal for repeated use as they won’t wear out over time.


gaiam ankle weights, best ankle weights Courtesy of Amazon

Gaiam Ankle Weights (Set of 2)



6. FILA 5 Lb Ankle Weight Set


Who knew ankle weights could be so stylish? These FILA ankle weights have a bright, 80’s design that’ll pop in your home workout area and give you the boost you need to keep going. Each one has a secure strap that can attach to your ankle or wrist and is one size fits all.

FILA ankle weights, ankle weights, best ankle weights Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

FILA 5 Lb Ankle Weight Set



7. Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights


If comfort and decadence are what you’re looking for, these pillowy weights are without a doubt the choice to make. The velcro closure pad is larger than most, and a subtle reflective trim is a sleek integration of an important safety feature. These weights also come with a complimentary carry bag for easy portability. Anyone troubled by thin or plasticky materials will quickly love this thick alternative, which is used by both professional athletes and those new to fitness.

nordic lifting ankle weights Courtesy of Amazon

Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights


8. Day 1 Fitness Ankle/Wrist Weights


These ankle/wrist weights from Day 1 Fitness come with a modest price tag and superior quality. They’re designed to be comfortable, ergonomic and are designed for building strength with weight progression options between 0.5 lbs and 10 lbs. They have extra fabric to help avoid chafing and the adjustable straps have a setting that will fit most people. The straps are also reinforced so they won’t give out mid-workout, and the whole weight is made with breathable fabric that’ll absorb sweat and prevent slipping.

day 1 fitness ankle weights, ankle weights Courtesy of Amazon

Day 1 Fitness Ankle/Wrist Weights



9. DA VINCI Adjustable Wrist/Ankle Weights


Not all ankle weights can be used on the wrists – sometimes, they’re too bulky for wrist use, or the ankle fit just isn’t snug enough. This pair is available in four colors (each differently weighted set is color-coded) and comes in multiple weight options, featuring plentiful padding along with an innovative design shape that makes it versatile. Unlike the tough-to-adjust nylon straps that loosen up during a workout, a strong Velcro holds these cloth Da Vinci weights in place and prevents flopping.

da vinci ankle weights Courtesy of Amazon


10. Fitness Gear 2.5-Pound Comfort Ankle Weights


Nobody wants to lug around heavy weights then they’re on vacation or traveling for business. A lightweight pair of these strengthening accessories can prove extremely useful when you’re traveling with ankle weights, or if you’re just starting out on your training routine. If you’re a beginner, or frequently on the go, this 2.5-pound option by Fitness Gear brings an ergonomic fit, toning muscles without adding bulk. A notable feature is a reflective band, which is great for workouts after sundown.

fitness gear ankle weights Courtesy of DICK's Sporting Goods

Fitness Gear Ankle Weights



11. Fitness Gear 10-Pound Comfort Ankle Weights


For athletes looking for something a little more intense, upgrade to these 10-pound weights. Like the best ankle weights, this set won’t chafe or irritate your skin, and they provide enough resistance to help you build muscle and amp up your cardio sessions. Best of all, a reflective band provides added visibility for night runs.

best ankle weights - fitness gear 10 pounds Courtesy of DICK's Sporting Goods

Fitness Gear 10-Pound Ankle Weights