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This 5-Star Standing Mat Features Bumps and Grooves To Position Your Feet More Comfortably

* Many office workers use standing desks for their health benefits
* Standing desks can cause feet, knee, back and joint issues
* Using a thick mat with a standing desk makes the lower body more comfortable

Standing desks have a range of benefits. From weight loss to improving your cholesterol, there are so many reasons to work upright. However, standing for long periods of time at the office can cause problems of its own. People who use standing desks are more prone to back, joint and muscle problems thanks to discomfort in the feet.

Just because standing causes pain in your feet and beyond doesn’t mean you need to give up on the idea of a standing desk. It simply indicates that you need to invest in a padded standing mat, like


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Some tests indicate that standing on padded mats relieves up to 47% of the pressure on your knees and feet. This particular mat gives you all the tools you need to help your lower body sustain as little pressure as possible, giving you a better standing posture. It’s ¾ of an inch thick on the bottom and up to 2.5 inches thick around the edges.

In addition, the EazeeMats product goes one step further than traditional mats. It gives you cushioned terrain for stretching out your feet while standing. There is a bump in the middle of the mat as well as high ridges along the edges to give your feet “play” surfaces. These are particularly great for massaging the arches of your feet or stretching out your calves. In general, this serves to relieve the stress your body is under while standing. Plus, the pack also comes with 2 free rubber massage balls.

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Finally, it’s important to note that EazeeMats makes their mats with a non-slip bottom and the highest grade foam for a product that will outlast the competition.


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