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Your Friends Will Be Begging To Come Over After You Install These Trampoline Basketball Hoops

Trampoline parks are all the rage right now, and we understand why. Perfect for kid’s parties, rainy afternoons, or anytime you want to bring your kid somewhere that will tire them out (parenting hack!), trampoline parks are a great way to get your kids moving and smiling at the same time. But since we can’t always make it to a trampoline park (those hourly rates add up after a while), putting a mini trampoline park in your backyard is the next best thing. Why not step up your trampoline game with a trampoline that includes a basketball net? It’s a slam dunk. Hooray for dad jokes.

Trampolines are quickly replacing swingsets as the must-have accessory for any backyard. Giving kids a safe place to play and expel some of their energy, trampolines are all about balance, fun, and flying like a superhero. Cape not included. With trampolines that feature extra basketball hoops, your kids can feel like LeBron James and Lisa Leslie all in one.

Not only do kids love both trampolines (love!) and basketball (love love!), but parents love the combo as well. These backyard must-haves turn a boring piece of grass into an instant-party, saving parents money on bouncy castles and expensive trips to amusement parks. We also like the trampolines don’t take up much room, leaving mom and dad with their space to garden, have a pool, a barbecue, or do nothing at all. Low maintenance yards for the win.

On our list of the best trampolines with basketball hoops we’ve included two trampolines with one hoop that vary in size, providing options that will fit your family based on the physical size of your yard or how many kids will be using the trampoline at once. We’ve also included an option with two hoops and a bonus soccer net for families with multiple kids who may not be so good at waiting for their turn.

Check out our favorites below and get ready to start bouncing, dunking, and kicking!

1. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk

The Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk features a patented enclosure that eliminates any gaps between the net and trampoline, which protects children from openings and pinch points.

Pros: The Jump N’ Dunk puts safety first with its design, which includes a patented enclosure that meets or exceeds all American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards. The soft basketball hoop has a breakaway rim for added safety, and the set comes with two foam basketballs. The Jump N’ Dunk has a 200-pound weight capacity. We like that the hoop can be mounted either inside or outside of the trampoline, which gives children outside of the trampoline a place to play while waiting for their turn.
Cons: Customers complain that the instructions included in the manual are confusing.

Unlike the Kangaroo Hopper, the Jump N’ Dunk doesn’t come with stairs or a pedestal to help get onto the trampoline.

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2. Skywalker Soccer and Basketball Trampoline

The Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline with Basketball Hoop includes a ladder that makes it easy for little jumpers to get in and out of the net enclosure.

Pros: The Kangaroo is the only trampoline on our list with a ladder, which makes it much easier to get in and out of the net enclosure. Like both Skywalker options, the Kangaroo is tested by the ASTM. Available in 12’ or 14’ options, the Kangaroo uses a dense mesh for its enclosure and a wide spring cover pad with an overhang that thoroughly covers the frame and helps protect young jumpers. The fully galvanized steel frame is rust resistant, and the anti-UV jumping mat is wear-resistant. At 375 pounds, The Kangaroo has a much higher weight limit than either Skywalker trampolines.

Cons: Some customers found the trampoline began to show wear and tear after a few uses, in some cases ripping and causes safety deficits.

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3. Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

The Skywalker Soccer and Basketball Trampoline is a mini playground with two basketball hoops and a soccer net to keep multiple kids entertained at once.

Pros: The Skywalker Soccer and Basketball Trampoline features two basketball hoops and a mini soccer net to keep kids entertained. Safety features include Skywalker’s patented enclosure that eliminates gaps, tightly coiled springs located outside the enclosure, and a rust-resistant coating that helps to extend the life of the springs. The trampoline has a 200-pound weight limit.

Cons: The trampoline is delivered in two boxes and some customers complained that they only received one box.

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