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Spend Less Time In The Rough and More On the Green With These Beginner Golf Club Sets

Golf can be a hard thing to get into if you’re just starting out. There’s etiquette to learn, rules to read up on, and equipment to buy. With some sports, it’s as easy as just getting a ball and heading to the park. But with golf, it’s not quite so simple. You can’t play a pickup game on the fairway. There’s no such thing as “street golf.” The point is, if you feel daunted, we understand, but we’re here to help.

While we can’t necessarily help you find a good golf course near you, or help you improve your swing, we can recommend some solid golf clubs and golf club sets to get.

These are complete, affordable golf sets that have everything you need to get started with your first round of golf, whether you’re a complete beginner, or just getting back into the swing of things (pun intended). Some pros even like to pick up one of these sets to work on their technique off the green, using them like a “practice” set of clubs.

No matter what your level of play, purchase one of these value-packed golf club sets, then start to upgrade and personalize your equipment as needed. But these are good clubs, so don’t be surprised if you decide to stick with them.

1. Strata 2015 Strata 12-Piece Complete Set

Left-handed people are often overlooked, but this product listing makes it easy to choose between left and right-handed clubs. Strata’s complete, 12 piece set (9 clubs) includes a driver, a fairway wood, a putter, and several hybrids, irons, wedges, and the lightweight bag. The bag has a stand and ample pockets, as well as two headcovers.

Pros: The bag has a rain cover.

Cons: No sand wedge, 12-piece includes the bag and other accessories, so there are nine clubs.

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2. Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set

This beginner set from Wilson comes with nine clubs, three headcovers, and the carrying bag. The bag is self-standing, and the clubs have carefully considered details for a more stable, comfortable grip and more powerful hitting range. The driver is a titanium matrix, and the irons are perimeter-weighted to improve any off-center hits.

Pros: Titanium matrix driver, perimeter-weighted irons, stand bag, comes with three head covers.

Cons: No sand wedge.

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3. PROSiMMON Golf X9 V2 Golf Clubs Set & Bag

This set was specifically made with beginners in mind. The driver has a large, 460cc head with a big sweet spot (the best place for hitting a golf ball). There are 10 clubs in this set, so it has the most clubs out of any of the options listed here. The +1 designation means they’re slightly longer, so it’s designed for taller people.

Pros: 460cc driver has a large sweet spot, making it good for beginner golfers.

Cons: Some taller people found that even with the extended length, they weren’t long enough.

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