Best Phone Mounts for Your Bike in 2020

Quad Lock Phone Mount
Courtesy of Quad Lock
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If you’re on a road bike, gravel bike, or just cruising around on your fancy new electric bike, keeping your phone nearby can be a great feature. A phone mount attaches on the stem of your handlebars and is securely locked in for a hand’s free experience. Instead of holding your phone in your hand and multi-tasking, keep your phone visible and secure in a mount that will keep it steady as you glance at it.

The best bike phone mounts make changing music easier, let you answer phone calls, and keep an eye on directions, all while keeping both hands on your bike. There are multiple types of phone mounts, some specific for iPhone or Android and some versatile options that fit all phones. Check out our list of the best phone mounts.


1. Quad Lock Mount

The Quad lock comes in many styles and has a universal adapter. To work you must purchase a separate phone case and without the case, the lock won’t work which can be a deciding factor for some. But the case is waterproof, sturdy, and attractive. So if you aren’t attached to any particular phone case, the Quad Lock works well as it sits on your handlebar stem and locks into your phone case with a smooth click. Before you buy the mount, make sure to find the correct phone case. Then hit the road and travel easily with your phone in sight.

Quad Lock Courtesy of Amazon


2. Roam Universal Mount

Roam fits most styles of handlebars and for this universality it is a high profile mount. Popular with road bikes and cruisers alike, Roam fits around your phone on the corners and keeps it inside the mount securely with two silicone strips. With the corners clamped down, your phone is safely inside and is propped up by the mount. This is a great choice for those who want a universal mount and who may multiple phones to place inside the mount or different people using the mount or bike.

Roam Bike Mount Courtesy of Amazon

3. Vibrelli Universal Phone Mount

The Vibrelli mount is a useful one because it can come off and be secured to a scooter, a motorcycle, or any other thin stem for hands-free phone use. So if you have multiple sets of wheels, Vibrelli is a great choice for you because you can use it on as many bikes or scooters as you like. The mount clenches around your phone with four silicone straps that settle across the corners of your phone. No extra case needed. This mount is easy to use and easy to take off.

Vibrelli Bike Mount Courtesy of Amazon


4. Nite Ize Wraptor

This mount wraps around your phone and allows you to move it 360 degrees which is a great hands-free experience while on the bike. Fitting snugly inside the rubber straps that reach around the phone’s corners, the Nite Ize Wraptor fits any phone and is easy to use.

Nite Ize Wraptor Courtesy of Amazon


5. Bone Universal Bike Phone Mount

An easy to attach phone mount, Bone fits on any handlebar and fits securely onto any phone which makes it a great choice. The straps are a thick rubber and form over the corners of the phone. They are easy to remove and fit a larger phone easily.

Bone Universal Bike Mount Courtesy of Amazon


6. RockForm Pro Series 

RockForm is on the expensive side but is well worth the money. Made from aluminum, this is the lightest phone mount available. Using magnetic technology, RockForm keeps your phone locked onto your bike as you speed down your favorite gravel trail and perhaps go over a jump. It tilts from 20-55 degrees so you can view your phone at different angles. A great choice for serious riders, RockForm will keep your phone safe and secure.

RockForm Pro Series Courtesy of Amazon


7. Bovone Silicone Bike Phone Mount

Easy to lock onto any handlebar, Bovone clamps on with silicone straps and loops around for ultimate security. A universal mount, it tilts 360 degrees and is easy to secure any phone inside the straps. The flexible straps create an added shock-absorbent factor which comes in handy on rougher trails. This is a great choice for anyone using a phone while riding.

Bovone Bike Mount Courtesy of Amazon


8. Agoz Bike Phone Mount

The best phone mounts are easy to install, and this option easily attaches with silicone straps that securely grip both your phone and your handlebars. The silicone grips hold onto the corners of your phone and can be attached vertically or horizontally. It is easy to remove and washable. Agoz is affordable and handy for any type of bike and great for gravel roads, mountain biking, or cruising.

Agoz Phone Mount Courtesy of Amazon