Ride the Waves With Speed and Ease on a Lightweight Bodyboard

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Whether you live by the water year-round or you’re planning to vacation to a sunny destination near the ocean, bodyboarding should be at the top of your list for ways to combine working out and having fun in the water.

Bodyboarding is a watersport that uses a short, lightweight board that users can ride in one of three ways. There is the prone position, which includes riding on one’s stomach. There’s drop-knee, which means riding in the kneeling position with one knee down and the other foot placed on the front of the board. Lastly, riders can go stand-up, which is done in the standing position and is most closely linked to surfing.

Bodyboarding, or boogie boarding, as it’s also known, is done on the crest or face of a wave and near the shoreline. Bodyboarding does not require waves that are the same height and speed as surfing, making it a sport with lower barriers to entry and one that is easier to try in lakes as well as the ocean.

If you’re ready to hit the beach, check out the best bodyboards available below.

1. OWN THE WAVE Beach Attack Pack

For a board that is affordable and durable, start your journey into bodyboarding with the OWN THE WAVE Beach Attack Pack. The lightweight board is available in nine bright colors that make it easy to spot on the beach and in the water. The Own the Wave Board also includes fin tethers that help riders steer the board in and out of waves. Riders will hit high speeds thanks to the boards’ lightweight EPS core and slick bottom. The board is available in three sizes between 33” and 41”, with a max rider weight of 188 pounds and max rider height of 5’9”.

Pros: The Own the Wave board comes with a premium coiled bodyboard leash.

Cons: Like all bodyboards, Own The Wave recommends storing the board ‘white side up’ when in the sun to stop air pressure from building up.

OWN THE WAVE Beach Attack Pack Image courtesy of Amazon

2. BPS Storm Bodyboard

Be seen on the beach and in the waves with the BPS Storm Bodyboard. The brightly colored board is available in 33”, 37” and 41” sizes to meet the needs of various riders. The Storm comes with a coiled bodyboard leash to keep the board safely secured to the rider when in the waves, as well as two fins to help the rider steer the board. Buoyant and lightweight, the Storm has an EPS core, bottom rear channels and a crescent tail to help aid in better performance and faster speeds. Each Storm board comes with instructions from the company on how to assemble the fins and leash and how to get started with the bodyboard, making it an excellent option for beginners.

Pros: The Storm comes in 12 bright color options, the most of any board on our list.

Cons: The Storm has a max weight limit of 188 pounds, which isn’t enough to accommodate many adults.

bodyboard Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Goplus Super Bodyboard

Move quickly through the water with the buoyant Goplus Super Bodyboard. The Goplus features an IXPE deck for durability against impact and a comfortable ride. The bottom of the board is made with high-density polyethylene for a stiff finish that will cut through the water fast. The board is designed with 60/40 rails, a rear channel and a crescent tail for added mobility and speed. We also like that the Goplus comes with a hauling cable that can also be used as an ankle or wrist leash.

Pros: The Goplus is the most affordable EPS core board on our list, making it an excellent option for beginners or to use as a secondary travel board.

Cons: The Goplus is a 41” board but only supporters a max rider weight of 145 pounds.

Goplus Super Bodyboard Image courtesy of Amazon

4. THURSO SURF Lightning Bodyboard

Take your board with you wherever you travel thanks to the THURSO SURF Lightning Bodyboard. The lightweight, 42” bodyboard focuses on stability and buoyancy, making it a great option for beginner and seasoned bodyboarders. The Thurso has a 180-pound rider capacity and includes a wrist/ankle leash for added security. Two stringers help with the board’s control, with the rigid PE core adding to its buoyancy. The Thurso has a 4 mm high-density IXPE deck and a responsive high-density polyethylene slick bottom, with both sides heat laminated for added durability.

Pros: The Thurso comes with a carrying bag that is not only great for transporting and storing the board, but it also has an exterior pouch that can be used to carry personal items like sunscreen, glasses, snacks and more.

Cons: The Thurso is only available in blue or orange.

THURSO SURF Lightning Bodyboard Image courtesy of Amazon

5. OMOUBOI Body Board

For a truly portable option, try the OMOUBOI Body Boards. The inflatable board is ready to go in minutes and folds up into a small, 1-pound pouch when not in use. The OMOUBOI is made using durable, high-density double-layered fabric that creates a buoyancy for riders up to 180 pounds. The board has a concave top deck that is designed to be ridden in the prone position, as well as two top handles to aid in steering. With a valve that fits most pumps, the OMOUBOI can be inflated quickly and provide hours of fun thanks to its wear-resistant, water-resistant and leak-proof material.

Pros: The OMOUBOI is the most affordable board on our list.

Cons: The OMOUBOI doesn’t provide the same stiffness or durability as the core foam boards on our list. It also requires the use of a pump, which is not included.

OMOUBOI Body Boards Image courtesy of Amazon

6. South Bay Board Company Squid Body Board

For a board that can support just about any rider, we recommend the South Bay Board Company Squid Body Board. The Squid board has an impressive max rider weight limit of 300 pounds, significantly higher than every other board on our list. The Squid is 48” long and comes with pre-installed fins to help with ease of steering and control. The Squid is made to last thanks to its military-grade PVC material, thick rounded rails and crescent moon performance tail. New and seasoned riders will enjoy the Squid, which has a fingertip texture no-wax grip deck for easy maintenance and added stability, as well as three grip handles.

Pros: The Squid comes with everything riders need to get in and stay in the water. The pack includes one board, as well as an extra thick and comfortable coiled leash strap, a manual pump, a repair kit and a carrying bag.

Cons: The Squid is the most expensive board on our list

South Bay Board Company Squid Body Board Image courtesy of Amazon

7. KONA SURF CO. Soft Top Foam Hybrid Boogie Bodyboard

Can’t decide between surfing and bodyboarding? Get a board that does both with the KONA SURF CO. Soft Top Foam Hybrid Boogie Bodyboard. The hybrid board comes with fins, which make it a surfboard, and can be detached to keep the board as a bodyboard. The 4’4” board has a volume of 27 liters and a custom rocker design to help riders stay buoyant. The scratch-resistant HDPE slick bottom helps with speed and adds a layer of protection against scrapes. The top deck of the board is made with IXPE and has a full layer of epoxy and resin for durability. The Kona also comes with a coiled leash for safety.

Pros: The Kona comes with double wooden stringers that are durable and won’t break while in use.

Cons: The Kona weighs 15 pounds, one of the heaviest on our list, and at less than 5’ is only usable as a surfboard for kids or advanced surfers.

KONA SURF CO. Soft Top Foam Hybrid Boogie Bodyboard Image courtesy of Amazon