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Get Toned at Home With a Set of Boxing Mitts

Boxing is one of the best workouts available. It targets the whole body and provides your cardio fix. And with a pair of boxing MMA mitts, you can practice boxing from anywhere. All you need is a sparring partner or workout buddy. These products are also a must-have if you’re training in mixed martial arts (MMA). A partner can hold the mitts while you safely perfect your skills.

So, what should you look for when shopping for the best boxing mitts for MMA workout sessions?

The best boxing and MMA mitts absorb the impact of the punch without causing the boxer or wearer pain. Most contain some type of foam or sponge. It’s also worth looking for a comfortable fit. Some mitts will have some type of mesh for ventilation or keep the tips of your fingers uncovered. These products typically come in one size, so check the measurements.

Here are some boxing MMA mitts that are a total knockout.


1. Hawk Sports Punching Mitts

These boxing MMA mitts are designed for comfort and durability. The synthetic leather exterior holds up to punches, while a mesh panels provide ventilation. The mitts are filled with foam for shock absorption. The inner hand compartment keeps your fingers in the proper position, so you can avoid injuries. You can choose from blue, gold and pink mitts when buying, and the product is suitable for adults and children.

Pros: The built-in ventilation prevents overly sweaty training sessions. Synthetic leather is a plus for those looking for boxing gloves free of animal products.

Cons: The padding might feel stiff to some users. The synthetic material is not as durable as real leather and can peel over time.

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2. Sanabul Boxing MMA Punching Mits

Sanabul’s boxing MMA gloves are made of strong synthetic leather. The material resists wear and cracking while you train. These gloves are filled with ultra light foam, which absorbs the punches without weighing you down. The inside of the gloves is designed to perfectly fit the hands, so you don’t need to go through the uncomfortable breaking-in process. There are three color choices available.

Pros: Most wearers will enjoy a secure fit. The product is durable enough for average home workouts and training. Classic design with muted colors.

Cons: The synthetic leather can have a strong odor initially. The padding won’t absorb all the impact, especially from extra strong punches.

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3. Yaheetech Boxing Mitts

These boxing MMA mitts are made of synthetic leather and high-density foam. The sides of the mitts are reinforced with rope stitching. You can hold the mitt with a five-finger glove and wrist strap, which keep the glove from sliding around. The wrist strap tightens for the perfect fit. These mitts are better suited for beginners than anyone training in advanced MMA.

Pros: The glove keeps the mitt in place while you’re holding it. The wrist strap keeps your hand steady.

Cons: The padding may not be thick enough for intermediate or advanced boxers. The size might be too snug for some users.

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4. Elite Sports Boxing Mitts

These MMA boxing mitts are suitable for all training levels. The shape of the mitts mimics the natural curve of the hand, and the inner pads absorb various levels of impact. Ventilated mesh panels on the side provide ventilation. Users can tighten the wrist strap for a snug fit, so the mitts stay in place through the training session. Keep in mind that this product is sized for adults.

Pros: The stitching on these boxing MMA mitts reinforces the material and prevents tears. The product is both lightweight and durable.

Cons: The mitts might be too loose for adults with small hands. There isn’t a compartment for your thumb, which can be awkward.

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5. Cheerwing Boxing MMA Mitts

These boxing mitts are made with synthetic leather and lightweight foam. The inner palm pall places extra protection at the center. Padding also extends downward to cover the wrist. As for the glove portion, the inner velour lining resists sweat and keeps the hand in place. A layer of mesh on the back of the hand will encourage air flow through the training session.

Pros: The curve of the glove creates a natural punching surface. This product features bold colors and text.

Cons: These mitts run small. The padding is less dense than that of other brands.

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