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12 Topical CBD Massage Oils That Provide Relief

CBD oil has been popping up in tons of massage therapy in salons and DIY home treatments. The non-psychoactive compound, called cannabidiol and shortened to CBD, is an active ingredient in the cannabis plant. Studies show that CBD may provide a range of therapeutic benefits, such as pain and anxiety relief and alleviating cancer treatment side effects.  This wide-reaching oil has lots of topical benefits as well. Even the best pain relief creams and sleep aids can’t compete with the anti-inflammatory powers of CBD. CBD massage oil gives you an enhanced therapeutic experience, although it’s less potent than when taken orally. CBD oil works to deliver powerful muscle relief throughout your massage – read more to find out everything you need to know about this plant compound.


What Is CBD Massage Oil?

CBD massage oil is a topical product that allows the skin to experience the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD. Whether on the entire body or a specific area experiencing pain, a massage oil-based topical offers a silkier texture than creams. Additionally, oil-based products make for a more effective infusion and allow the CBD to absorb more effectively into the skin.

Dr. Lewis Jassey, medical director at cannabis telemedicine company Leafwell, tells shoppers what to watch when looking for the right CBD massage oil.

“CBD, hemp, and cannabis products that are full-spectrum (i.e., they include other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, including THC, beta-caryophyllene, and pinene) are thought to have enhanced therapeutic effects, as their anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving effects combine to produce what is known as the “entourage effect.” When the cannabinoid receptors on the skin are disrupted, skin problems can occur. Endocannabinoid dysregulation is thought to be one of the reasons why people suffer from many skin disorders, including acne, psoriasis, eczema, scleroderma, and many others.

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CBD massage oils and cannabis topicals can help maintain balance on the skin and help relieve stress, aches, tension, and inflammation in the skin, joints, and muscles. This means that CBD and cannabis products can be used externally and relieve various health problems that can cause skin inflammation and pain, including arthritis and nerve pain. Full-spectrum products may also have anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties, potentially helping fight off skin cancers and MRSA.”


Benefits of Using CBD Massage Oil

In 2022, many people ask: does CBD massage oil help with pain? The short answer is yes. Miyabe Shields, the Chief Scientific Officer of CBD company Profound Naturals with a Ph.D. in endocannabinoid system drug discovery, shares why that is.

“Because topical products are absorbed directly, they will deliver larger amounts of the active ingredients at a specific affected area than edible or smokable products. There are cannabinoid receptors all over the skin that can be affected by topicals like salves, lotions, and body butter.

While there haven’t been many formal studies looking at topical products, it’s clear many people have found them to be helpful for inflammatory conditions and chronic pain; some even find headache relief using topicals. CBD, as well as other rare cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, have been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects.”

The number of CBD massage oil benefits is endless, especially for those with sensitive skin, acne or issues like rosacea. It even has potential anti-aging benefits, improving skin elasticity. Beyond skin-related issues, these oils can help become part of a recovery routine after workouts or anything else that causes sore muscles. Using oil over cream can be more beneficial when it comes to a rubdown due to its texture. Ultimately, CBD oil has a more decadent feel and absorbs in a more lightweight manner. It can also reduce anxiety, have a more relaxing effect, and even act as a sleep aid, helping people with insomnia or pain at nighttime.


How to Decide on CBD Dosage

When it comes to dosage, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for this plant. Restart CBD CEO and hemp educator Shayda Torabi explains that it varies from person to person. The reason is that cannabis and CBD, in particular, are fat soluble, meaning it dissolves in fat and oils. So there are other things to consider before narrowing in on the perfect dose for you, like diet, body composition, and reason for taking.

The good news is, you can’t overdose by taking CBD topically, so I generally try to steer people towards a higher dose. For example, our topical starts at about 1000mg/3oz, which is about 10mg per ml which is a great starting dose to try.” Torabi recommends journaling, which can help you track what works best for your body, creating a more consistent experience each time.


Where to Buy CBD Massage Oil

Since buying CBD online can feel like the wild West, we’ve come up with some helpful tips on where to buy CBD massage oil to ensure you’re getting the best quality product possible.

Dr. Alpana Mohta, a certified dermatologist and board member at, explains what to look for when seeking the best CBD massage oil. “It is important to purchase CBD massage oil from a reputable source, as there are several fake or dangerous products on the market. A reputable source will use high-quality CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant using CO2 extraction methods. This ensures that the oil is pure and contains no harmful chemicals or contaminants.”

Keeping an eye out for broad-spectrum or full-spectrum products can have additional health benefits, as mentioned by Dr. Jassey. Unfortunately, some sites like Amazon make it tough to know which brands are legit and which might not be as safe to consume. That’s why we searched far and wide for the most reputable, lab-tested brands that keep your health in mind.

If you don’t want to pay a spa’s high prices, it’s possible to purchase a vetted CBD-infused topical online. That being said, not all CBD is created equal. For instance, many prefer a full or broad-spectrum formula to a pure CBD isolate product, as it can contain beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids. Get all the therapeutic effects minus the hefty price tag with our picks of the best CBD massage oil below.


1. cbdMD Botanical Dry Body Oil


This lab-tested CBD oil for massage purposes is always lightweight and never greasy. Best of all, it provides a mess-free application since it comes in a spray bottle, preventing greasy oil from spreading to your hands, bedsheets, or furniture. Quickly moisturizing with the help of botanical oils and zero artificial ingredients or additives, cbdMD’s broad spectrum oil is packed with terpenes and cannabinoids galore. Available in several scents, including lavender and coconut, this is one of the most affordable choices on the market, emphasizing quality.

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Courtesy of cbdMD


2. Lazarus Naturals Fragrance-Free CBD Body & Massage Oil


With a coveted full-spectrum formula, Lazarus Naturals sells a hemp massage oil filled with moisturizing agents like jojoba and sweet almond oil. Using hemp grown on the company’s own farms and available in two sizes, the largest version of this massage oil clocks in at 4,000mg total. This is the perfect option for those who avoid fragrances as it’s scent-free. Elevate your relaxation session and soothe your skin with this product, which can penetrate down to the muscle and remove pain.

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Courtesy of Lazarus Naturals


3. Neurogan Full Spectrum CBD Massage Oil


If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck and potent formula, this high-dosage option by family-owned company Neurogan is available in two different strengths, one of which is a whopping 4000 milligrams. Third-party lab tested, this reputable CBD massage oil helps with dry skin and is lavender scented, which can help lull insomniac users to sleep. Chock full of plant cannabinoids, this anti-inflammatory item is helpful for both skin issues and physical relaxation.

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Courtesy of Neurogan


4. Spice Beauty Bath & Body CBD Oil


This moisturizing bath oil is filled with 500mg of CBD and natural oils that will leave you feeling baby soft and nourished. The ultimate self-care addition to a post-shower or bath routine, this luxurious and deliciously scented oil is suitable for sensitive skin thanks to its clean formula, with ingredients like almond oil and vitamin E to nourish alongside cannabidiol. Some users even put a couple of drops on their hair to tame frizz. It can be used during or after a bath.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


5. Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Salve


This hemp massage oil by Veritas Farm is known as the Full Spectrum CBD Salve and uses a blend of organic beeswax and coconut oil to provide targeted relief for all skin types. Ideal for knees, hands and more, this oil is available in Unscented, Lavender Eucalyptus and Cooling Menthol options. Unlike thicker creams, this sumptuous oil melts into the skin and glides on easily during a massage. Reviewers love its fast-acting nature, which works as quickly as 10 minutes, according to one person.

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Courtesy of Veritas Farms


6. Foria Wellness CBD & Kava Relief Salve


Foria has a cult-like following regarding their CBD, which is the creme-de-la-creme in terms of quality. Another unexpected bonus: their products always have a dreamy unisex scent. Fortified with healing ingredients like ginger, eucalyptus and kava, this salve absorbs into the skin quickly and has a potent effect on tired muscles and joints. While it melts into skin like oil upon contact, its consistency isn’t as liquified, making for a less messy application. Foria offers batch test results so you can check for purity and potency every time.

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Courtesy of Foria Wellness


7. Juna Ease Functional Body Oil


After scrolling through some of Juna’s reviews for their full-spectrum Ease Functional Body Oil with CBD, it’s only a matter of time before you hop on the bandwagon. This velvety, restorative oil can be used on the face or body with a unique blend of botanicals to activate both muscular and mental relaxation. With organic ingredients like turmeric, geranium and bergamot, this healing oil doubles as a subtle daily cologne with floral and citrus notes.

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Courtesy of Juna


8. cbdMD CBD Freeze Roller


For a pick that keeps your hands clean and doesn’t require any sort of dispenser, cbdMD’s pain-relieving roll-on gel is packed with menthol and provides relief for joint and muscle pain. The Freeze roll-on also contains arnica, a known plant-based ingredient that relieves pain and inflammation. It dries faster than traditional oil and is ideal for athletes or people with an active lifestyle who require relief on the go.

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Courtesy of cbdMD


9. Spoil Me Unscented Luxurious Massage Oil with CBD


Pulse first came out with their famous lube and lotion warming device, which avoids ever having to deal with chilly lotion or intimate products. By dispensing the gently heated oil directly from the machine, you avoid fumbling with the sticky mess that usually comes with dispensing massage oil. The CBD will help relax your muscles, and those warming capabilities will just help you melt into bliss even more.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


10. Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion


Although a lotion doesn’t provide that silky, gliding feeling that oil can, this one by Lord Jones comes close to replicating that feeling. The scented version has a unique combination of green citrus, mint and sage notes and can replace a regular lotion for year-round usage. One reviewer writes, “One to three pumps on each foot once daily while you watch TV and chill is perfect for a do-it-yourself foot massage as a new routine of self-care.”

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Courtesy of Lord Jones


11. Green Roads Pain Relief CBD Cream


Many CBD massage oils specifically target muscle pain, but this miracle ingredient has some pretty fantastic skincare benefits in its topical applications. With botanicals and cannabinoids, this broad-spectrum extraction can help dry, itchy, or reddened skin suffering from a variety of ailments. With 150-750mg of potency, this light skin cream can be worn as a daily moisturizer to increase softness but is also intended to remedy physical pain.

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Courtesy of Green Roads


12. BioCBD Plus Muscle & Joint Relief Oil


Another full-spectrum CBD massage oil we love, this topical reduces inflammation and pain in joints, muscles and everything in between. With the help of eucalyptus, ginger and white willow bark extracts, the ingredients chosen in this formula are coveted and carefully picked Ayurvedic and terpene blends. The BioCBD Plus line has a solid reputation thanks to its organically grown industrial hemp, bioavailability (aka, how much CBD remains in the system post-application), and triple-tested purity levels. One reviewer uses it for chronic neck pain, claiming it made weaning off prescription meds easier.

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Courtesy of Bio CBD+


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