Can’t Stand The Heat? Try a Cooling Headband for Fast and Effective Relief

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Helping you survive sweltering hot days, soothing pounding headaches and making you look stylish are just three of several benefits you can enjoy with one of the best cooling headbands on your head. These budget-friendly wardrobe additions can make a big difference to your workouts, days out and general enjoyment when things start to get a little hot. So check why we think you should pick one up along with our top picks for which ones to invest in.

Given its name, it’s easy to assume that a cooling headband is only designed to keep you cool. However, there’s far more to this headwear than meets the eye. While there is a range of shapes and styles to choose from, here is a selection of some of the benefits a cooling headband on your head can bring.

  • Temperature Control – First and foremost, a cooling headband can help cool you down. In some cases, this process may have to be initiated or accelerated by placing the headband in water.
  • Sweat/Moisture Removal – In addition to helping stabilize your temperature, many headbands help manage excessive sweat or moisture. This is thanks to special kinds of moisture-wicking materials used in their construction.
  • Hair Management – Headbands, like hairbands, can be useful in keeping long hair under control during physical activity. Forget having your hair hitting your face time after time, and enjoy managed locks under your control.
  • Style – Not only do cooling headbands come in a range of different designs and styles, but they also give you an eye-catching look. Think about how iconic the right headband look can become. Hendrix, Rambo, Federer and Daniel LaRusso are examples that instantly come to mind.

The Best Materials to Look for in a Cooling Headband

A lot of choosing the best cooling headband comes down to its material. You will find that most cooling headbands are made from some kind of moisture-wicking fabric, meaning they can use capillary action to move sweat away from your skin and into the material itself. Once absorbed, this sweat or moisture is more easily evaporated into the air. While this is preferable to some, others may prefer to opt for non-wicking fabrics which can instead be dipped in water to provide direct cooling action.

Ultimately, the right headband for you will depend on exactly what method of cooling, fit and style you’re looking for. You may also find that some headbands included features like built-in insect repellant or UV protection. In general, cooling headbands are made from one or more of these materials:

  • Polyester
  • Polyvinyl acetate
  • Spandex
  • Cocona
  • Cotton

No matter what kind of cooling system, style or material you choose, these saviors from the heat will keep you dry and comfortable wherever you go. Scroll down to check out our top 18 cooling headbands and get yourself ready for the next time the temperature starts to rise.


1. Nike Sport Unisex Cooling Head Tie


Throughout the years, Nike has always been (and still is) a leader when it comes to athletic wear and accessories. While some products are pricey, this Nike Sport Cooling Head Tie is affordable with top-notch sweat-wicking technology, keeping you cool during any activity. The unisex band has a lightweight material (offered in black and gray) and keeps out both UV rays and moisture effectively. Unlike elastic headbands, this unisex choice has a tied back, so you can adjust to your heart’s desire and even wear it around your neck for extra relief.

Nike Sport Unisex Cooling Head Tie Courtesy of Amazon


2. Buff CoolNet UV+ Insect Shield Headwear


Buff offers a sleek, multifunctional headband that can be worn in 12 ways and is available in a range of colors and prints. This dual headband and neck gaiter has an additional perk that buyers love — built-in insect repellant. Getting a bug bite on your face or neck is the quickest way to ruin an outdoor adventure, and this band protects you from that, with added odor control. Buyers love the seamless design, which prevents chafing and is perfectly soft.

Buff CoolNet UV+ Insect Shield Multifunctional Headwear Courtesy of REI


3. Braylin Men’s Cooling Headbands


Braylin’s nonslip, sweat-wicking bands come in a three-pack and still clock in at under $10. Whether you want to avoid doing laundry constantly or just like to have a backup readily available, these cooling headbands offer a solution to multiple issues. They’re sewn with double layer cloth, and the bottom layer contains more stretch, along with perforations to promote breathability. A wicking material evaporates sweat in an instant, no matter how intense your workout is, and combined with the high-absorption factor, this three-pack is a must-buy.

Braylin Men’s Cooling Headbands, 3-Pack Courtesy of Amazon


4. Mission Cooling Hoodie Towel


When your head feels like it needs to be dunked in a bucket of ice water, turn to the Mission Cooling Hoodie towel, which offers UV sun protection and confroms to your head shape to stay in place. Just activate with water and experience your body temperature immediately cool in less than 30 seconds. It provides a comfy chill for up to two hours, even through rigorous workouts. If you want something that offers more than sweat-wicking technology and delivers a refreshing blast of water, try out this innovative hoodie.

Mission Cooling Hoodie Towel Courtesy of Amazon


5. Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Headband


Heavy sweater? No need to be ashamed or double down on multiple cooling headbands during your workout. The Metal Vent Tech headband by Lululemon, offered in four subtle colors, has an ideal thickness and stretch level, with a design made specifically for training. While it’s a heavyweight moisture absorber, it also helps stop all that bacteria and stink from soaking through to your skin thanks to odor and bacteria-fighting technology.

Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Headband Courtesy of Lululemon


6. Temple Tape Headband


If you’re searching for your first cooling headband ever and are on the fence about dropping cash on a fancier one, consider Temple Tape’s tapered sweatband, which can be worn on its own or under a bike helmet. The shape of the sweatband is designed to never slip off, which is also ideal for bald men who need extra absorption and grip.

Temple Tape Headband Courtesy of Amazon


7. Mission Cooling Skull Cap


If you’re a biker, cook or contractor, or someone with hair that needs to be tucked away in a low-maintenance way, consider a cooling hat as opposed to a cooling headband. It’s also ideal for runners, football players and anyone else that needs to wear gear on their head but doesn’t want to trap perspiration. Activated by water, it also offers UV protection for those extra sunny days, cooling your entire head like never before. At the crown, ventilated mesh allows your scalp to breathe.

Mission Cooling Skull Cap Courtesy of Amazon


8. Mission Cooling Bandana


If a headband isn’t your thing, this paisley print bandana has cooling benefits without the athletic look. Due to the fact that it’s a scarf, you can also use its water-activated powers like a wet towel around your neck, or wrap it up more thinly to hold back your hair — there are endless ways you can use this refreshing gadget. It also allows you to quickly mask up if needed.

Mission Cooling Bandana Courtesy of Amazon


9. Ergodyne Chill Its 6700CT Cooling Bandana


If you love the idea of a cooling headband but are worried about the fit and level of stretch, opt for this hyper-evaporative PVA bandana that activates with water for up to four hours. With a tie-closure, you can customize the fit. What’s more, the wrap becomes cold instantly once you pour water on and wring it dry. It is worth noting that the band doesn’t have the thickness of other alternatives on our roundup — if you prefer a less bulky option that can fit in a bag or underneath a hat, we recommend it.

Ergodyne Chill Its 6700CT Cooling Bandana Courtesy of Amazon


10. Vinsguir Mens Sweat-Wicking Headband


Keeping your hair out of your face on sweaty days is essential. If you have long hair, it’s even more of a necessity. That’s why we recommend a thicker cooling headband like this unisex offering from sports brand Vinsguir. It’s stretchable for all head sizes and has a dry-fit material.

Vinsguir Mens Sweat-Wicking Headband, 4- Pack Courtesy of Amazon


11. Under Armour Men’s Performance Headband


There may not be too much to this Under Armour Men’s Performance Headband, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less useful when fighting the heat. This stylish headband features an embroidered UA logo at the front and is made from a combination of polyester and elastodiene, meaning it’s machine washable and fits securely on your head. The comparatively thin band also makes it a great choice for active people with longer hair while its multi-channel performance fibers increase on-head comfort. Furthermore, it comes backed by more than 7,000 five-star ratings and is available in six colors.

cooling headband Courtesy of Amazon


12. Ergodyne Chill Its Cooling Headband


This Ergodyne Chill Its 6634 Cooling Headband can be used when it’s wet or dry to provide a cooling experience for your head. When dry, its high-performance, moisture-wicking fabric absorbs and wicks sweat away. When wet, you can enjoy near-instant cooling which lasts for hours at a time. The headband is also tapered at the back for a less bulky look and comes in four color choices, including blue, orange and yellow. Handily, the skull wrap is also UPF 50+, making it capable of protecting you against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

cooling headband ergodyne chill Courtesy of Walmart


13. Tough Headwear Mens Sweat Band


With more than 18 designs to choose from, we’re confident there’s a Tough Headwear Mens Sweat Band to suit your tastes. Available options include flag-covered, one-colored and patterned designs. Their moisture-wicking, four-way stretchy material construction delivers a lightweight, breathable and absorbent, making it feel like you’re not even wearing anything on your head. Their versatile design also makes them great for use under helmets or controlling wild hair, while the more than 6,000 five-star ratings ensure you can have confidence in any purchase.

cooling headband tough headwear Courtesy of Amazon


14. Adidas Alphaskin Tie Headband


By featuring a multi-layer design made up of polyester and spandex, this Adidas Alphaskin Tie Headband fits securely and allows air to flow freely at the same time. The one-size-fits-all headband sports a center front screen print Adidas logo for a touch of style and also comes in your choice of white, black, red and blue. It has also received positive reviews from more than 95% of Amazon users and has tapered ends to give wearers a more eye-catching appearance.

cooling headband adidas alphaskin Courtesy of Amazon


15. PEARL iZUMi Transfer Lite Headband


If you’re a  cyclist looking for a helmet-friendly way to keep yourself cool during outings, we suggest this PEARL iZUMi Transfer Lite Headband. Its simple yet effective design uses P.R.O. transfer fabric to provide a range of standout features, such as optimal moisture transfer, odor absorption and an impressively fast drying time. The durable material is made from a combination of polyester and elastane to provide a secure and comfortable fit on your head. Additionally, the compact headband sports a unisex design and comes in either black or white.

cooling headband pearl izumi Courtesy of REI


16. OFFTESTY Lightweight Moisture Wicking Sweatband


The OFFTESTY Lightweight Moisture Wicking Sweatband is a great option for headband wearers who love that play-with-it-in-your-hands, stretchy feel. These popular, unisex headbands are available in packs of six, making them a great option for couples, families and friends who like to buy in bulk. These versatile head garments are ideal for a range of sports and activities and quickly absorb sweat and dry in a short duration. Each headband measures nine inches in length and 4.5 inches wide when stretched out. They are also available in a wide range of stylish designs, including both one-color and patterned options.

offtesty headband Courtesy of Amazon


17. Adidas Football Skull Wrap Headband


This Adidas Football Skull Wrap Headband is a reliable choice for shoppers wanting to cover more of their head without their headwear becoming a hat. This polyester and spandex skull wrap uses Aeroready moisture-wicking yarns to help maintain your temperature and keep you cool and dry when you’re feeling the heart. The skull wrap design fits snuggly under all kinds of helmets and also features Adidas’ three-line logo across the front for an extra touch of style.

adidas football skull wrap headband Courtesy of Amazon


18. Nike Dri-FIT Fury 3.0 Headband


If you like the striking look of a one-color item of clothing, check out this Nike Dri-FIT Fury 3.0 Headband. In addition to its clean appearance, the headband includes Dri-FIT technology to quickly wick sweat and moisture away and keep your skin as comfortable as possible. The 2.5-inch wide, one-size-fits-all band also sports the instantly recognizable Nike logo for added style. Additionally, the stretchy, lightweight construction provides a more comfortable fit to allow you to focus on the task at hand.

cooling headband nike dri fit Courtesy of DICK's Sporting Goods


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