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The Best Men’s Cross Trainers Provide a Lot More Support Than Traditional Running Shoes

Running is a beast of a workout, there’s no doubt about it. Whether you make like the wind as a road runner or conquer the trails every weekend — there’s one surefire way to get stronger, faster and better at running. The secret is some days you don’t actually run at all. It might sound counter-intuitive, but as much as running, cycling, or really any long-form cardio is concerned, the best way to get better is to cross train and do other movements as a part of your routine.

Weightlifting, basketball, boxing — all of these are activities you can and should do on your non-running days. The diversity of movement will help strengthen muscles, ease ligaments and make you a better, more well-rounded athlete. In order to maximize the effectiveness of these cross-training workouts, you’ll also need a different pair of gym shoes that have a lower heel drop, a wider base and more support. In this piece, we’re going to break down the best cross trainers and clarify the context of why having different shoes for the gym is important for your workout routine.

We’re going to discuss:

  • What cross training is
  • Why cross training is important
  • The key differences between running shoes and cross training shoes
  • The best cross trainers for men

What is Cross Training?

As we briefly mentioned in the opening of this piece, cross training is any activity you do besides running that strengthens different muscles, awakens other parts of the body and makes you move in different ways. Everyone has a different version of what cross training is — for some, it’s yoga, for others it’s weightlifting. Cross training is crucial to a successful running regimen because it targets parts of your body that aren’t emphasized when running — like your upper body, core, or anything that isn’t legs moving in a forward motion.

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Why is Cross Training Important?

Not only does cross training help strengthen your body in a well-rounded way, but it also prevents injuries that can develop from overusing muscles or using the same muscles repetitively day after day with no break. You also recover faster from really intense runs when you cross-train and give your body a chance to recover actively. Lastly, there’s also a crucial mental health component to cross-training in that you give your mind a break from the marathon training program you’re on and get to focus on other movements. It’s good exercise for your brain to switch things up, and your exorbitantly sore quads will thank you as well. All exercise releases endorphins, and after a good cross-training session whether through yoga, HIIT, kickboxing or another type of movement, you’ll be more mentally attuned and ready for your next running challenge.

Differences Between Running Shoes and Cross Trainers

While running shoes are built light, supportive and shock-absorbing to protect your joints from the repeated impact of running, cross trainers are typically flatter and have a wider base to help with other physical activities.

Cross-trainers are typically heavier because they have more padding and cushioning across the sole. The sole of cross-trainers tends to extend beyond the width of the main structure of the shoe so you can lunge, cut and make other lateral movements. Exercises like sprinting, jumping jacks, burpees, kicks and other moves need support across the foot and in the toes — which cross trainers tend to have more of. They tend to have a lower heel drop, meaning the height of your heel compared to your toes is not as high, and are built with more rugged material to withstand more dynamic workouts where your moves aren’t as consistent.

You should ideally replace your cross-trainers about once a year, just like your running shoes. So if you’re in need of a new pair we’ve gathered the best cross trainers for all types of athletes looking to shake up their routine and find athletic balance.


The Best Cross Trainers for 2021

Okay, so you’ve read all about cross trainers, and now you’re looking for the right footwear. Fortunately, there are a ton of great options, especially considering that this is a relatively new category. If you have a preferred footwear brand like Nike or Under Armour, then you can purchase one of their trainers with confidence.

If you’re looking for recommendations, then keep reading. We’ve rounded up our favorite men’s cross trainers for sale online, with options from Under Armour, Reebok, No Bull and all of our favorite footwear companies.


1. Nike Metcon 6 Cross Trainer


Nike makes great running shoes as well as cross trainers, and their latest rendition of the flat-soled shoe is this Metcon 6. It’s got top-notch stability to heavy lifting, traction to get you from point A to point B and it comes with a Hyperlift insert to give you a boost over the competition. It works just as well in a weight lifting gym as it does HIIT training and comes in over 12 different colors.

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Courtesy of Nike


2. Under Armour Men’s UA HOVR Rise 2 Training Shoes


These brand new cross trainers from Under Armour just dropped and they’re pretty solid. They’re made with Under Armour’s new “HOVR” technology that’s designed to give them a “zero gravity feel” that eliminates impact and helps you bounce back with energy. They have an EVA midsole that’s high-performing and comfortable, and also contains HOVR foam inside of it. The mesh upper part of the shoe is abrasion-resistant and 3D printed to be lightweight but durable. The bootie construction at the back makes them easy to slip on and off, and there’s an external strap for yanking to put your foot in place.

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Courtesy of Under Armour


3. adidas Men’s Powerlift Weightlifting Shoe


These cross trainers are made for, you guessed it, lifting. Weightlifting is a fantastic cross training exercise for building strength and these shoes are some of the best to reach your PRs in. The rubber outsole keeps you firmly grounded during lifts and the upper part of the shoe is made of durable canvas that’s built to last. They have a narrow fit so your feet feel secure, a midsole wedge for support and an instep strap that’ll keep your foot in the shoe no matter what.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Reebok Men’s Nano X Cross Trainer


Reebok shoes and CrossFit go together like… protein powder and water. These shoes are made for the heavy lifting and dynamic movements that workout demands. These are made with 100% fabric and a rubber sole with a wide toe box for a comfortable, wide fit. The upper is made of Flexweave fabric that’s breathable but secure. The outsole also has a minimal drop so you can maintain secure footing during pushes, climbs, drops and jumps.

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Courtesy of Reebok


5. New Balance Men’s Minimis 20 V7 Cross Trainer


Basketball, HIIT, kickboxing and other dynamic workouts all demand a certain amount of lateral movement that pushes running shoes beyond their capacity. This is why you need a secure, stable cross trainer with a wider base that can account for that intense lateral movement within your shoes. These shoes from New Balance are just the ticket — with a knit upper made of nylon-infused yarn that’ll keep your foot secure without compromising flexibility for your foot’s natural movements. The Vibram outsole will give you a secure grip on the floor and the REVlift midsole gives cushioning that’s lightweight enough that you still get a good solid feel.

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. Lalo Maximus Grinder Cross Trainer


These cross trainers are tailor-made for lifting in collaboration with a professional strength and conditioning coach and UFC fighter. It has a lot of bells and whistles built-in, and with that comes a higher price tag. The Maximus has a lateral stability strap for mid-foot support as well as a ceramic-coated SuperFabric toe cap that’s ultra-protective. The anatomical lacing system keeps your foot secure while the EVA-cushioned heel, mid and outsole all give you a top-notch foundation when lifting heavy.

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Courtesy of Lalo


7. adidas Men’s Athletics 24/7 Cross Trainer


These cross trainers from Adidas look cool and are built for dynamic movements and recovery. They have an EVA midsole that provides lightweight cushioning and a rubber outsole for traction. The upper is a flexible mesh that’s breathable and moves with your foot, and the shoes have a molded sock liner built inside for recovery after grueling runs or training sessions. We also love the raised ankle accent as well as the lace design out front, aesthetically.

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Courtesy of Amazon


8. Under Armour Men’s Speedform Feel Cross Trainer


This cross trainer from Under Armour has a UA TriBase in the outsole to maximize the contact points between your foot and the ground while also allowing for flexibility and natural foot motion. The external heel counter increases stability and helps you lock in while the Micro G foam midsole is ultra-responsive to your foot’s movements. The whole shoe is also made of ripstop material and mesh that’s durable for support that’s light but abrasion-resistant.

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Courtesy of Amazon


9. Nike Men’s Metcon Free Training Shoe


This cross trainer shoe is an inter-Nike collaboration between Metcon and Free sneakers and fuses the two technologies together for a super comfortable shoe. It’s built for flexibility, breathability and to be lightweight. It has a dual-density midsole with cold fusion technology to keep your feet from sweating excessively during tough HIIT sessions, and the outsole has laser-siped flex grooves that’ll keep you stable and able to move naturally throughout your workout.

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Courtesy of Amazon


10. Brooks Running Trace Cross Training Shoe

Brooks Running has come out with an ultra-comfortable cross training shoe, also known as the Trace. Lightweight but full of cushion for optimal support, this shoe will be there for you on your off day. With enough arch support for a well-intentioned lunge, game of pickup, or weightlifting session, the Brooks Trace should be on your radar for the upcoming season. These shoes only weigh 252 grams and are well suited for an easy run or a day at the gym.

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Courtesy of Brooks Running


11. Under Armour Men’s Rock 3 Training Shoe

Vetted by Dwayne Johnson himself, Under Armour’s Rock 3 Training Shoe uses UA HOVR technology to maintain a ‘zero gravity feel’ during every workout. This will eliminate impact during weight lifting and keep you on your toes. The compression mesh Energy Web maintains the foam to give back the energy you put in. Another key feature is the lack of laces: this locked-in feel will leave you secure and able to maintain all physical activity without fear of slipping out of your shoes. Check out the Under Armour Rock 3 Training Shoe for the best day in the gym.

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Courtesy of Under Armour


12. Hoka Arahi 5 Supportive Running Shoe

The Hoka brand makes impeccable running shoes and the Arahi 5 has landed as a great option for more support than your average training shoe. With a wider, more comfortable base, the cushioning on the base will keep you fully supported during a long session cross training at the gym. No matter what activity you’re pursuing, the Arahi 5 will provide excellent base support. The rubber sole provides more support as well while the breathable mesh material makes for an excellent all-day shoe. Wear your new Hoka Arahi 5’s all day and feel the difference.

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Courtesy of Hoka


13. New Balance FuelCell Trainer Shoe

The New Balance Fuelcell trainer shoe employs Comfy Fit Weave tech to surround the foot for incredible support during a long session of weight lifting or while doing any type of cross training you prefer. The optimal support will leave you craving more time at the gym. This shoe delivers flexible traction that will keep you able and ready to maintain all levels of power during your session at the gym. Check out the New Balance Fuelcell training shoe for a mid-level price range with all of the benefits of a pricier shoe.

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Courtesy of New Balance