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Are These The Best Workout Gloves You Can Buy?

* Reversible design accommodates any style of workout
* Sweat won’t compromise your grip
* Made from 100 percent natural latex

If you’re an avid CrossFitter or some other type of HIIT junkie, we might have found the thinnest and grippiest gloves for whatever your fitness program calls for. Because nothing puts the kibosh on a workout quicker than torn hands, Darkfin’s KONGZ workout gloves are strapless and made from one hundred percent natural latex for a firm, comfortable, secure grip.

Like any physical activity that requires the use of one’s hands frequently and intensively, be it climbing a rope or even shoveling the driveway, everyone’s hands are prone to rips and calluses. One surefire way of preventing the build up of calluses is to wear gloves or hand guards, like you might see gymnasts wearing when on the bar.

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There are a wide variety of gloves readily available today but we like the KONGZ from Darkfin because of the versatility of the materials used. Much like the rest of its lineup, which caters to cold water surfers, the KONGZ are constructed from a natural latex that Darkfin says allows the gloves to be thinner for better grip. Not only that, but no matter how much you sweat, you’ll never lose your grip. You can even flip them inside out depending on the type of workout you’re involved with. And they’re fingerless, so you can easily slip them on and off (and not worry about sweaty palms disrupting your exercise).

Darkfin gloves are virtually indestructible, and they work wet or dry. The unique natural latex offers incredible flexibility, while maintaining its shape. That means the gloves will never shrink or stretch out.

If you’re prone to tearing your hands during a workout or are worried that you might start, Darkfin’s KONGZ gloves are a minor investment compared to the pain and suffering you may find yourself in without them.

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