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The Best Cycling Glasses That Make You Look Cool While Protecting Your Eyes

If you enjoy being outdoors on your bike, you may have considered a few pairs of cycling glasses but may have also shied away from the overlarge lenses that threaten to take over your face. Not to worry, we have found several pairs that are stylish as well as protective for your most important feature: your eyes. No matter what the season is or what time of day, a pair of cycling glasses is paramount to having a safe ride. Keep the sun, dust, bugs and grit from fellow riders out of your eyes to ensure you have a fun and safe ride.

There are a few different key components to cycling glasses, the most important being the color of the lens. When do you ride the most? Dawn or dusk? Midday? Depending on your answer, or if it’s all three, we have a few options for you to choose from. From rose-colored lenses to blue or classic clear for an epic night ride, the lens color is an important factor that may lead you to choose a different pair. But luckily, most brands come with separate lenses to swap in and out depending on your preference. Sometimes the blue lens is a good choice, or perhaps you’re in the mood for a yellow tint.

Another important factor is how wide the frame is. How much protection do you require? Some glasses are quite thin while others take up half of your face. Depending on how you want to look, multiple options for both styles are available. And sometimes, a heavier, wraparound style is better in winter to keep out the cold, while a lighter pair is optimal for summer.

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The best part about most cycling glasses is they are returnable with a try-on-at-home option. So check out a few pairs and decide which ones are the best for you and your personal style.


1. Tifosi Optics Sledge Sunglasses


If you know Tifosi, then you know they’re full of colorful options and the Sledge don’t shy away from being loud and stylish. With polarized lenses to keep you protected, two sets of interchangeable lenses, and with a scratch resistant coating to boot, these are our number one pick for value and quality. You don’t have to break the bank for a quality pair of cycling sunglasses and the best part is the extra lenses supplied. The polycarbonate lenses are shatter-proof and scratch resistant, so even if you fall, rest assured that your glasses will be okay. The vented lenses make sure air flows through to prevent fogging, which is the biggest pain while riding. These composite frames have adjustable ear pieces for a custom fit. Stay cool with the sun off your eyes with a pair of Tifosi Sledge Sunglasses.

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2. Oakley Men’s OO9401 Flight Jacket Polarized Sunglasses


The Oakley brand always outperforms itself, and the polarized glasses here are an excellent choice for highly active cyclists who ride mostly in the daytime. With a wide frame, these glasses are great at protecting your eyes and skin from the bitter wind, which makes them excellent winter glasses. This pair is fairly wide, which makes them an excellent choice for people with medium to large faces. The new Advancer nose bridge opens airflow to prevent fogging and overheating. With many colorful options, these sunglasses will make your ride stylish and comfortable.

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3. Rudy Project Rydon Sunglasses in Clear


The Rudy Project sunglasses are on a higher price point than our other options but for good reason: with photochromic lenses that are non-polarized, performance-based, and have RPD-centered optics to reduce glare and ensure visibility without distortion, these are one of our top three picks for best cycling glasses. As the clear option, these glasses are best worn at night to improve visibility and to keep out wind, dust, and grit. Protect your eyesight during your rides with the photochromic lenses from the Rudy Project.

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4. Oakley Radar Ev Path Standard Sunglasses


Oakley does have affordable glasses, and they’re just as nice as their more expensive options. The quality is all there, the only difference is the lack of color options. Billed as a “standard” choice, the Radar Ev Paths are anything but. With Prizm daily polarized lenses, these are an excellent daytime choice for any cyclist not looking for a splash of color to match their kit. For what you save in money though, you may as well buy two pairs. These Oakley sunglasses aren’t to be overlooked.

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5. X-Tiger Sunglasses


X-Tiger is our choice for the best off-brand cycling glasses because of their quality lenses and wide variety of color options. With interchangeable lenses and plenty of UV protection, these glasses will keep your eyes protected without breaking the bank. The biggest perk is the five lenses included in your purchase, ranging from black, light yellow for overcast days, clear for night rides, and two Revo lenses. Keep your eyes shielded from the sun with a pair of X-Tiger glasses, your wallet will thank you.

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6. ROKA GP Series


The Roka brand has always made high-quality sunglasses and their GP Series is no different. Available with six lens colors, these frames are lightweight and excellent for long rides on a hot day. With three nose pad fit options, you can easily find your custom look. The lens color options correlate to their sun protection, with the black chrome option offering the most protection. The lighter shades offer medium protection and may be better suited to overcast days or dawn rides while the HC Ion Mirror option gives low light protection. Take your riding to the next level with a pair of Roka glasses.

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7. Duco Polarized Sunglasses


Duco is another off-brand offering quality cycling sunglasses at a fraction of the price. With polarized lenses and a scratch-resistant coating, don’t be shy to try on a pair of these flashy glasses that will make you stand out in a crowd. With five interchangeable lenses that vary from a lighter shade to a darker shade of the same color lens, these glasses will keep your eyes safe from the sun on a long, sunny ride.

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8. Molina Cycling Sunglasses


The Molina sunglasses are another off-brand pair we’ve decided to put on the list for their unique rubber frames. Seemingly crash-proof, these glasses will stay intact after a fall and remain scratch-free. With five lens options, these glasses are a good choice for any cyclist looking to protect their eyes with quality UV lenses. The Molina glasses come in four different color options, so get ready to choose the most stylish pair.

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