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Respectfully Declining: The 3 Best Decline Benches Under $100

* Great for all body types and sorts of workouts
* Get a gym quality workout in the comfort of home
* Heavy duty enough to handle your most intense exercises

Whether you’re working your upper body, lower body, core or all of the above, using a declining bench is a fantastic way to take your workouts to the next level. Even better, having one in your home means you don’t have to wipe the sweat off the one at the gym anymore. Here are 3 great options that are well-priced, well-reviewed and well-equipped to handle whatever you throw at it.

1. Universal by Nautilus UB100 Decline Bench

The Universal by Nautilus UB100 Decline Bench offers a wide variety of core workouts, including sit-ups, twists, and more. You can choose from two leg positions for more comfort. And, the 8-inch padded foam rollers keep your feet comfortably and safely in place.


2. Marcy Exercise Utility Bench

Here’s a bench that’s shaped to give you maximum mobility during every exercise. The Marcy Exercise Utility Bench allows you to do upright, incline, decline, and flat exercises, to target multiple muscle groups. And, the durable steel frame can handle your hardest workout.


3. Feierdun Adjustable Workout Bench

The Feierdun Adjustable Workout Bench is heavy duty, handling up to 550-pounds of weight. Plus, it’s comfortable, safe, and perfect for stretching, leg workouts, twists, back sit-ups and pushups.

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