The 8 Best Diet Apps to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions on Track

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With 2020 just around the corner, the time for New Year’s resolutions is upon us. After all the dust from the celebrations has settled, you’ll hear discussions turn to what resolutions your friends and family will (or more likely won’t) be keeping. Now, that may sound cynical, but estimates suggest around 80% of resolutions fail. Therefore, it’s far more likely any resolutions you hear discussed of will fail than become the target-hitting 20%.

It’s also interesting to note that around 55% of all resolutions are related to health issues. That includes everything from cutting down on fast food intake to going on a daily run around the park.

With these two factors in mind, there’s a good chance you’re reading this with a health-related resolution on your mind. While you may fall into the failing 80%, all is not lost. We want you to be the best you, you can be. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best diet apps to aid you in your diet-related pursuits.

By finding the right app for you, you’ll have a tool to keep you focused and accountable for any missed goals. From Weight Watchers to MyFitnessPal, these apps do everything from monitoring what you’re eating to suggesting workouts at the gym.

1. Weight Watchers


Any app sitting at 4.8 out of 5 stars after more than 850,000 reviews has to be doing something right. Add to these great reviews the fact that Weight Watchers is a doctor-recommended program for achieving safe and healthy weight loss, and you may have just found your companion for success in the new year. The app provides access to thousands of meal ideas along with a range of techniques to keep you on course during tougher times. You’ll also get to use Weight Watcher’s personalized SmartPoints® Budget, ZeroPoint™ food list and a barcode scanner to ensure what you’re eating will achieve the results you’re after.

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2. My Macros+


While many people are okay with a focus on calorie counting alone, keeping track of your macros allows you to really target specific elements in your diet. The My Macros+ app includes a database of over five million foods along with a barcode scanner for easy in-store checking. When logging your food, you can also create time-saving custom recipes if you eat the same meals all the time. The app makes it incredibly easy to assess your food intake and see what is working for you and what may be holding you back from your diet goals.

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3. Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker


The Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker is a wide-ranging app which allows you to track every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. You’ll begin by filling in what it is that you want to achieve, whether that’s weight loss, weight gain or just improving your overall health. You’ll then be given a calorie goal for every day. As you log your food intake and general activity, you’ll see how close you are to achieving your goal for the day. And, if you’re ever short for a day, you can search a list to find acceptable foods to close out your day right at your goal.

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4. Fooducate


The built-in Fooducate barcode scanner will open your eyes to a whole world of nutritional information you never knew existed. But, most importantly, it does this in a way that every person, whether layman or health professional, can understand. Each item you scan will be assigned a grade from A to D, giving you an easy way to see if that food is something you should be putting in your shopping cart. You’ll also be able to track your meals, exercise, sleep, mood and more. Plus, this smart app provides diet tips and user-friendly articles about important diet elements, like added sugars and GMOs.

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5. LoseIt


By using a clean and clear user-friendly layout, the LoseIt app makes achieving your weight loss goals simple. After asking a handful of questions, the main screen will show your daily calorie budget, giving you the task of sticking to it. You’ll also find a chart showing how you’re doing for the week, too. There’s plenty of information included in the app to help you understand the importance of each food group along with a barcode scanner to check food items before you put them in your shopping cart.

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6. Fitbit


It is possible to use the Fitbit app if you don’t own a Fitbit device, but to make the most of the available functions, it’s a great idea to have one on your wrist at all times. Connecting the handy device with the app allows you to easily monitor your physical activity alongside your diet, giving you a comprehensive and complete look at what is or is not working for you. Steps taken, calories burned, sleep times and distance traveled can all be recorded by the wrist-mounted devices and then transferred to the app for easy analysis. You can also set and manage goals on the app and track your progress on a range of user-friendly charts.

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7. MyFitnessPal


With over six million food items in the database, logging your meals in the MyFitnessPal app is quick and easy, especially once you’ve established some regularly enjoyed food items. Where many people find logging meals tiresome, this app couldn’t be simpler. It allows users to keep a comprehensive food diary in a pain-free way. The app also includes a barcode scanner and menu items from all of your favorite restaurants, so when you’re out and about it’s still not difficult to log your food. Within the app, you can choose goals, whether that’s simple weight loss, weight gain or a change in overall habits.

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8. Noom


The Noom app makes it clear from the onset that it isn’t interested in short term answers to weight loss. With over 75% of users showing sustained weightloss over a nine-month period, the app is about changing habits and behavior rather than temporarily dropping pounds. It uses a psychological approach to trick your body into healthier habits. You’ll also find custom meals, workout plans and all the tools you need to track your food intake, weight, exercise habits and more. In addition, the extensive program includes personalized feedback from coaches on your progress.

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