8 Door Pull-Up Bars to Build Your Upper Body at Home

best doorway pull up bars
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The idea of installing a dedicated pull-up bar in your home might seem intimidating if you haven’t been going to the gym or participating in some group workout classes, but just remember that everyone has to start somewhere. And a pull-bar is a great way to dust those cobwebs off and see results in no time with a wide variety of workouts. They say the hardest part of starting anything new is actually starting. Once you’re over that hurdle, the rest is easy.

We love doorway pull-up bars because they offer plenty of variety, great body resistance and are convenient for use in your home. You can tack these things up just about anywhere and forget about them throughout your normal day to day routine. However, if and when you want to squeeze in a quick workout, your pull-up bar will be there, ready and waiting.

Pull up Bar
2 years
A good list of pull up bars. Thank you Btw, a doorway pull-up bar is one of...

Check out our six picks for easy to install pull-up bars for at-home workouts. For a challenge, try putting your new pull-up bar in a door that you pass through often, such as the doorway to your kitchen, and bust out as many pull-ups as you can every time you walk under.

Pull up Bar
2 years
A good list of pull up bars. Thank you Btw, a doorway pull-up bar is one of…

1. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

The most straightforward, reasonably-priced home pull-up bar is also one of the best. This simple bar from Iron Gym uses leverage to stay in the door jam (no screws or holes required), and at $30 it’s the most affordable on our list. It supports 3 different holds — wide, narrow and neutral — and can also be used on the ground for tricep dips. This versatility, low price and easy installation have garnered the bar a top-rating on Amazon with over 5,000 reviews and 4.1 stars.

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2. Garren Fitness Maximiza Pull-Up Bar

Although home pull-up bars are extremely convenient, they typically have one major draw-back: looks. They’re not the most flattering thing if you care about home decor, so you can either leave the bar up and deal with it, or take it down after every workout. This pull-up bar from Garren Fitness, however, is sleek enough to leave up without the bar sticking out like a sore thumb. It does require mounting within your doorway, but that also leaves an overall cleaner aesthetic when compared to some of our other options.

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3. Iron Age Pull Up Bar

This Iron Age bar is another screw-free option, using fold-out hooks to stay in the door jam. Aside from the convenience of being screw-free, this setup displaces the force that your average screw-free pull-up bar places on your door jam, ensuring your frame is scratch free. This clever hook system also places the pull-up bar higher than other bars, above the door jam. Because of this, we recommend it to any guys over 6 feet tall.

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4. Ultimate Body Press Joist Mount Bar

If looks matter and you don’t need to move your pull-up bar from one doorway to another, then the Ultimate Body Press Ergonomic Joist Mount Bar checks off both of those boxes. The simple one-bar construction is much less intrusive than others, and the slight curvature provides an ergonomic grip for better performance. What’s more, the kinked bar allows for greater variety when it comes to pull-up style, allowing you to switch from pull-ups and chin-ups to wide grip pull-ups to help keep your muscles guessing.

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5. Triple Door Gym

If space or looks aren’t an issue, then consider the Triple Door Gym, which easily slides into and out of doorways with no required hardware or drilling. It offers a wide variety of workouts including dips and suspended push-ups with the included straps. It also has a raised bar, making it great for taller folks. If you’re looking for more than the average pull-up bar, we recommend the Triple Door Gym as you can nearly get a full body workout from this setup.

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6. Ultimate Body Press Doorway Pull-up Bar

Just looking to do a variety of pull-ups? This bar from Ultimate Doorway is a great pick. It features two bars: one raised above the doorway and one in the door jam that’s easier to grab onto. The padded grips allow for endless pull-ups without calluses and the variety of holds will keep your muscles guessing for months on end.

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7. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull-Up Bar

Wall-mounted bars offer much more stability than bars that hook in the door jam. And there’s one move that’s only possible on a mounted bar: superman pull-ups. This advanced move, whereby you pull your chest over the bar and push up, is extremely good to try out once you get decent at regular pull-ups and requires a solid wall mounted bar like this one from Ultimate Body Press. What’s more, this advanced move activates your entire upper body, including your core, which allows for a fantastic full body workout in one, single move.

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8. Stamina Power Towers

It’s not a door pull-up bar, but if you have a dedicated room for gym equipment or a yard for working out, go for a pull-up tower like this. It allows for much more freedom of movement than a door pull-up bar, and features stomach-level handles for dips, handles for push-ups and a foot-bar for sit-ups as well. It might not look like it at first glance, but it’s really all you need for a complete home workout.

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