Beauty To Buzz About: 5 Electrical Face Massagers Under $50 For Firmer Skin

Best Facial Massagers Under 50
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* Get firmer skin
* Travel-friendly size makes for a great travel accessory
* Age backward all while watching TV

Facial massage is so in these days, and whether you’re using one you stick in the freezer or one of these electronic wonders, the benefits of adding one into your already packed skin care routine are endless. From increased blood circulation, tightness, muscle relaxation and the minimization of fine lines and wrinkles, these massagers do it all.

These electric devices are all compact and portable and can be used on a whim, whenever and wherever you feel like it. Continue reading for a few of our favorite, affordably priced picks that will bring you that much closer to smooth, hydrated and more youthful-looking skin.

1. Veru ETERNITY Eye and Face Massager Wand

The Eye and Face Wand by Veru Eternity is a compact massager that has multiple uses: relieve and eliminate dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, maximize the absorption of your serums and creams and greatly relieve eye fatigue. Specially designed with a 45-degree incline, this massager is able to closely reach all areas of your face with ease while a high-frequency sonic vibration works to increase skin’s elasticity and firmness. Two light modes, blue and red, will help relieve fatigue and expel toxins — all while helping to smooth lines, wrinkles and firm up the skin.

Face Massager Veru Eternity Image Courtesy Amazon


2. Hairby Heated Eye Massager

Specifically designed for the fragile eye area, the Hairby Heated Eye Massager uses ions to penetrate the deep layers of the skin, invigorate your skin cells and promote the natural synthesis of collagen that helps reduce wrinkles. Light and compact, this device has three different working treatment modes that will help reduce eye fatigue, relax and calm the skin and reduce the look of wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

Eye Massager Hairby Image Courtesy Amazon


3. Yusong Facial Massager

The Yusong Facial Massager uses cold and warm modes to help accelerate cell movement, strengthen cell viability, help reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. The warming function works to relax muscles, relieve pain and stimulate blood circulation while the cool function will shrink pores, tighten skin and lock in moisture for more hydrated-looking skin.

Facial Massager Yusong Image Courtesy Amazon


4. Rika Eye and Facial Massager

The Rika Facial Massager is another multi-function hot/cold massager that uses sonic vibrations to treat and heal the skin. In addition to treating our traditional skin ailments (wrinkles, lines and bags), the cool mode can provide relief when you have a fever or a sunburn, and the warm function is ideal to use when using a sheet mask as it will help the product absorb into the skin while making you feel as if you were at a professional spa.

Facial Massager Rika Image Courtesy Amazon


5. Lmlly Electronic Facial Massager

By combining Radio Frequency and Electric Muscle Stimulation, the Electronic Facial Massager by Lmlly will stimulate new collagen secretion, improve cell metabolism and rejuvenate the skin to achieve your most glowy look ever. By using electric impulses to elicit muscle contractions, the device can also help with rehabilitation for neural and muscular injuries on areas other than your face while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Another great hack for this device is to use it right before an important event for an instant facelift.

Facial Massager lmlly Image Courtesy Amazon


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