The 5 Best Essential Oils for Headaches

best essential oils headaches
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* Treat headaches by applying diluted essential oils to your temples and forehead
* Lavender and mint-based essential oils are great homeopathic headache remedies
* These blends make use of multiple essential oils for natural headache relief

If you’re tired of dosing up on ibuprofen every time a headache strikes, perhaps it’s time to try a different approach. Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids which can be used as homeopathic health remedies to help alleviate a number of issues. Whether your problem is spiritual, emotional, mental or as in this case, physical, there’s an essential oil to give you a helping hand.

While it would be wonderful if there was a magical, single, oil to solve every problem, that isn’t quite a reality (yet). But, by combining various essential oils known for their effective treatment of the individual aspects that make up a headache, it is possible to create blended oils to help soothe the symptoms. These blends often include peppermint, which is known to improve local blood flow, and lavender, which helps alleviate stress and tension.Take a look through these 5 headache-healing essential oil remedies and give yourself a natural option when these pains strike.

1. Healing Solutions Head Relief Blend Essential Oil

The Healing Solutions Blend Essential Oil includes an impressive number of oils in one blend. By combining a larger number of oils, the effective headache treatment is also able to help calm nerves as well. From peppermint and rosemary oils for muscle and pain relief to lavender and sweet orange for relaxation and appealing aromas, even just the minty and herb-like scent of the oil in the air is a great start to the healing process.

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2. Plant Therapy Tension Relief Synergy Roll-On

Plant Therapy boasts a huge range of essential oil synergy blends for every occasion. These include everything from an apple pie holiday blend to an anti-aging synergy blend, but the most effective of these for treating headaches is the tension relief synergy roll-on . This formula is infused with peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, spearmint, lavender, basil, cinnamon leaf, ginger root and Roman chamomile blended in coconut oil. Keep this small bottle in your purse or desk for quick relief whenever a headache pops up.

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3. Migrastil Migraine Stick

The Migrastil Migraine Stick makes use of the most effective essential oils for relieving headaches. Peppermint and spearmint essential oils have a cooling effect on the skin and work to stimulate blood flow to the affected areas. On the other hand, lavender works to relieve stress and tension, which are also two common causes of headaches and migraines. 

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4. Aromine Headache Relief Essential Oil Roll On

The Aromine Headache Relief Essential Oil Roll On comes in the most handy form for headache treatments. The tube contains wintergreen, peppermint, lavender, frankincense, spearmint, marjoram, rosemary, chamomile and basil essential oils diluted in coconut oil. Simply rub the roll on against your temples and take a deep breath for effective relief from your pain.

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5. Wild Thera Headcool Balm

Formerly known as Headache Ease Balm, Wild Thera Headcool Balm is a non-GMO herbal balm. The safe and effective headache treatment includes chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary and more on an olive, almond and castor oil base. Each of the previously mentioned essential oils contains anti-tension properties that will work to relieve your pain.

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