6 Essential Oils For Nausea

best essential oils nausea
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* Nausea can be caused by food poisoning, pregnancy, stress and more
* Essential oils can soothe the digestive system and dissipate nausea
* Use a diffuser to create an aromatherapy treatment with these 6 oils

One of the most unpleasant symptoms in the world is nausea. Feeling like you are going to throw up is something everyone faces but no one desires. The gagging, the stomach pain and that awful taste in your mouth are things we’d rather go without.

Unfortunately, nausea can be caused by a huge number of things, from food poisoning and morning sickness to stress and anxiety. If you suffer from nausea or stomach upset on a regular basis, you’re likely searching for the best way to treat your symptoms. One of the most natural remedies available is essential oils.

These oils work as aromatherapy treatments for nausea and more. Simply place a few drops in a diffuser to create a pleasant environment that will help dissipate your nausea. Alternatively, rub the oils diluted in a carrier oil directly onto your skin. Either way, these 6 essential oils are the best over-the-counter treatments for nausea and digestive upset.

1. Spearmint Oil

A highly versatile essential oil, spearmint oil has antiemetic and antispasmodic benefits for the digestive tract. This means that using spearmint oil in a diffuser will help your stomach return to normal. In addition to treating nausea, spearmint oil has been shown to decrease the pain associated with IBS. So, if you frequently suffer from digestive upset, invest in this spearmint oil to say goodbye to nausea and stomach pain.

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2. Fennel Oil

Fennel oil as well as its vegetable form can be especially useful in treating nausea due to heartburn and gas. In addition, if you’re stomach upset is causing bloating or loss of appetite, fennel oil can help mitigate these symptoms. All of these benefits are thanks to the calming effect fennel oil has on the digestive system. Use this oil in an aromatherapy diffuser or create a massage oil with it by diluting it in a carrier oil.

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3. Ginger Oil

You’ve likely heard of drinking ginger tea or eating ginger biscuits to dispel nausea and stomach upset. Those remedies do work, but if you don’t feel like consuming anything, ginger essential oil  can be a great answer. Ginger is known to have nausea-reducing effects when inhaled. It can be also applied to the skin in the form of an abdominal massage when mixed with a carrier oil.  

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4. Roman Chamomile Oil

For hundreds of years, Roman chamomile oil has been used to soothe digestive troubles. This oil is especially good at soothing stomachs that are upset due to gas or diarrhea. And if you’re suffering from nausea due to anxiety, Roman chamomile oil can help, too. It’s great for calming the mind and treating insomnia. For a variety of stomach symptoms, you can’t beat chamomile oil .

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5. Lemon Oil

If you’re suffering from morning sickness, one of the best essential oils to use is lemon oil . This bright and cheery scent has been shown to decrease vomiting in pregnant women in several clinical trials. Even if it doesn’t stop morning sickness altogether, it can minimize the symptoms, allowing you to get back to your normal life quicker. Use two drops of lemon oil in a diffuser for the best results.

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6. Lavender Oil

Occasionally, nausea and stomach upset can be brought on by stress and anxiety. For this type of digestive abnormality, there’s no better natural remedy than lavender essential oil . Famous for its calming effects, lavender can quickly lower your stress levels and therefore stop the nausea you are suffering from. Apply this essential oil in a massage or as an aromatherapy treatment.

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