These Lipstick-Sized Essential Oils Roll-On For Instant Stress and Pain Relief

best essential oils roll on sticks
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* Treat a wide variety of ailments with these roll-on sticks
* Made of pure, natural formulas and essential oils
* Compact for easy carrying and travel

Essential oils aren’t just for pretty fragrances. They can help tackle just about any sort of discomfort or ailment. And since the world seems more stressful than ever, we wanted to share this list of 9 essential oils specifically created to help you relax, soothe pain, and get your groove back. Even better, they come in compact sizes that are easy to take with you anywhere.

1. Cure Oils Allergy 3 Relief Essential Oil Roll On

Allergies can really mess your day up. But, Cure Oils’ Allergy 3 Relief Essential Oil Roll On helps you breathe easy. It features an all-natural 100% organic blend that fights the germs and allergies that stuff up your sinus passages. It’s also great for respiratory problems like colds, coughs, flu, asthma or bronchitis.

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2. Migrastil Migraine Headache Relief

As any sufferer will tell you, migraines are the worst. Migrastil Migraine Headache Stick serves up roll-on relief for migraines and tension headaches. Just apply a little to your temples and forehead. It’s mess-free, smells great, and fits right in your pocket or purse.

stress relief

3. Muscle Ice

Muscle Ice uses a 100% pure, pre-diluted essential oil blend that relieves as it rolls on. Go from tight and stressed to loose and relaxed in seconds. Great to keep in your gym bag for after a strenuous workout.

stress relief

4. Plant Therapy Germ Fighter Synergy 

Plant Therapy Germ Fighter Synergy uses a premium blend of lemon, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon and rosemary oils that is specially formulated to help keep you safe from germs. Just roll it onto your feet, wrists or back of neck before bedtime, and wake up on the healthier side of the bed.

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5. Slumber & Sleep Lavendar Essential Oil

You’ll breathe easy with the Slumber & Sleep Lavender Essential Oil Roll-on. It’s 100% pure, free of parabens, petroleum, phthalates, sulfates, gluten, dyes, mineral oils, and artificial colors. Plus, it’s safely blended and diluted for children. And, it was formulated without animal testing.

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6. Aromine Respiration Essential Oil Roll On Blend

Aromine’s Respiration Essential Oil Roll-On helps you breathe easy thanks to its 100% pure, fractionated coconut oil. It’s especially helpful during allergy season or any day you’re feeling hampered by congestion or asthma.

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7. Eden’s Garden Stress Relief 

Don’t let panic or anxiety wreck your day. Try a little Eden’s Garden Stress Relief Roll-On first. It helps to soothe away troubles and clear your mind for steady thinking with its calming aroma and citrusy notes.

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8. Nature’s Truth Essential Oil Roll-On Blend

Nature’s Truth gives you the calming essential oil experience in a formula derived 100% from pure plant oils. As a result, it’s paraben and gluten-free, has no GMOs, and isn’t tested on animals. So, you can feel good using it.

stress relief

9. Digest Aid Pre-Diluted Essential Oil Roll-On Blend 

Digest Aid is an essential oil that helps provide digestive support. Its secret: a 100% pure blend of peppermint, fennel, ginger, lemongrass, juniper, and cyprus. Just roll it on and let things start to settle.

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