The 8 Best Essential Oils For Sore & Strep Throat

Best Oils for Strep and Sore
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* Healthy homeopathic options
* Each option is 100% organic
* Reduce costly trips to the pharmacy

Essential oils are called just that because they are essential to your good health, first aid and beauty regime. Nature’s little doctors, these essential oils can be your saving grace to fight off any winter woes, like sore throats and even strep. Mixed with carrier oils they can be used to make topical ointments for skin irritations and infections. Used in a diffuser, these oils open air passages and correct respiratory ailments.

Want more? Dilute them with water to help make natural cleaning solutions and even chemical free insect deterrents. Or, blend them together to make relaxing bath oils, face and skin tonics, and hair conditioners. The list goes on. Here are eight essential oils to keep in your medicine cabinet throughout the year.

1. Cypress Organic Essential Oil

The woodsy, spicy scent of the Cypress Organic Oil makes it a perfect replacement for commercial deodorants. Not only does this oil smell amazing, but when diluted with water or a carrier oil it can be used to battle colds, reduce allergies and calm an upset belly.  

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2. Mystic Moments Sore Throat Essential Oil Blend

Sore throats are no match for Mystic Moments. Forget sucking on those nasty flavored medicinal drops. Instead, try this essential oil blend of thyme, lemon and clove. It works fast to kill germs and expedite healing by reducing inflammation. Makes your throat feel better in no time.

Mystic Moments Sore Throat Essential Oil Blend Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. Juniper Berry

From muscle rubs to relaxing room scents, Juniper Berry will make your body and nose very happy. The piney aroma is like having a Christmas tree in a bottle. Make cleaning solutions, relaxing bath oils, and fragrant candles all with just a few drops.

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4. Peppermint Essential Oil

You know how good peppermint makes your mouth and throat feel. Now, try a concentrated dose for greater benefit. And on a completely different note…if you have rodents or pests, you can rid your house of mice, spiders, roaches, and other pesky critters with a few drops of this essential oil.

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5. UpNature Wild Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil seems to help with just about everything. The ability to fight colds, soothe sore throats, clear foot fungus, stop asthma wheezing, reduce bloating, kill warts and eliminate skin tags, ease tooth pain, and calm skin rashes all reside inside this bottle. It’s like the magic potions you’ve heard about in fairytales, only this is for real and you don’t have to wait for a winged godmother to deliver it.

 UpNature Wild Oregano Oil Image Courtesy of Amazon

6. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger was our favorite Spice Girl, and it’s also one of our favorite essential oils. This warm and spicy oil is loaded with antioxidants making it excellent for promoting digestive health, boosting immunities, soothing muscle aches and lymphatic drainage. The powerful scent will also relieve headaches, calm anxiety, uplift your mood and give you an overall sense of well-being.

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 7. Bitter Orange Essential Oil

Cold season is upon us and just a bit of Bitter Orange oil can help you fight off colds and the flu. It’s like having the benefits of Vitamin C in the form of a great smelling oil. You can also use it to eliminate gas, aid digestion and relieve stress. Try using it in making your own bath balms and body butters, too.

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8. NOW Solutions Sage Oil

This highly fragrant oil brings with it a garden of helpful uses, including boosting metal clarity, protection against bacterial infections, and as a wound antiseptic. Use it in a tea mixture to get relief from coughs and colds and most respiratory infections, or to help you sleep. This also makes a great oil to put in body scrubs and scented homemade candles.

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