Tighten Your Core at the Gym and in the Office With a Versatile Exercise Ball

best exercise balls
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Whether you’re looking for ways to affordably make a home gym or you want an easy and inexpensive way to get in a small workout while sitting at your desk, an exercise ball is a great purchase. The versatile piece of fitness equipment can be used by people of just about any age and ability and takes up minimal space (plus, it won’t empty your wallet).

Exercise balls are mostly thought of as ways to help reduce the strain on a person’s back and neck when doing sit-ups, which they definitely are. But they’re much more than that. They can act as a workout bench, a light weight for calisthenics, an aid for yoga, pilates, stretching and more.

Exercise balls are also an excellent option for people who spend much of their day sitting at a desk. By replacing their traditional desk chair with an exercise ball, users are getting a core workout by engaging their abs to stay balanced while they’re sitting. Exercise balls also help to alleviate pressure from the lower back, which can be compressed from prolonged periods spent sitting.

If you’re ready to add an exercise ball to your workout or desk space, these are our four favorites available right now.

1. DYNAPRO Exercise Ball

One of our favorite exercise balls of the past five years is the DYNAPRO and we know why. The Dynapro is made with extra thick, non-toxic PVC material that is 1,877 micrometers thick and is resistant to punctures. The ball has a ribbed designed that provides a no-slip grip when it comes in contact with bare skin, making it easier for users to keep their balance even when they’re sweaty. The Dynapro is available in seven colors and four size options. Each ball comes with a hand pump for easy inflation and a guide that tells users which size they should order. Customers also have access to the Dynapro blog and private community that provides workout resources.

Pros: The Dynapro has anti-bursting technology up to 2,000 pounds. Should the ball be overloaded or punctured, it deflates slowly rather than exploding, so users are never in danger of injury.

Cons: The Dynapro only goes up to a 75 cm ball size, while all the other exercise balls on our list are available in 85 cm and 95 cm options.

DYNAPRO Exercise Ball Image courtesy of Amazon

2. URBNFit Exercise Ball

For an exercise ball that is made with the same professional quality as those found in gyms, try the URBNFit Exercise Ball. The URBNFit uses high-grade PVC material to craft an exercise ball that can withstand up to 2,000 static pounds. The anti-burst ball is ideal for rigorous workouts and has a non-slip surface. URBNFit Exercise Ball customers can choose from 10 bright color options and five sizes ranging from 45 to 85 cm.

Pros: Each URBNFit exercise ball comes with a PDF download of exercise ideas, instructions on how to inflate the ball, a hand pump and two air stoppers.

Cons: The URBNFit has a tendency to lose air and users may have to refill it regularly.

URBNFit Exercise Ball Image courtesy of Amazon

3. PROMIC Exercise Ball

If you’re looking for a high-quality entry-level exercise ball, try the Promic. Available in eight colors and five size options, the Promic is made with eco-friendly PVC that is free from phthalates and heavy metals. The Promic can support up to 1,100 static pounds and is easy to clean with soap and water after sweaty workouts. Using a honeycomb foam structure, the matte texture of a PROMIC Exercise Ball provides a slip-resistant finish for users. We like that the Promic includes a foot pump for easy inflation. The ball comes with a 12-month warranty and lifetime customer service.

Pros: The Promic is the most affordable option on our list.

Cons: Unlike the other exercise balls on our list, the Promic does not come with any additional workout material.

PROMIC Exercise Ball Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

For an option with a big size range and even bigger weight limit, we recommend the Live Infinitely exercise ball. The Live Infinitely has a max static weight restriction of 2,200 pounds, the highest on our list. Made with extra thick, nontoxic .70 mm PVC, the Live Infinitely ball is anti-burst tested and has anti-slip ridges. The ball comes with a hand pump, ball plugs and a remover tool as well as a free workout e-book. Live Infinitely also sells a matching base and offers a discount when users bundle the products. The Live Infinitely Exercise Ball is available in 11 color options which are all BPA-, latex-, heavy metal- and phthalate-free.

Pros: The Live Infinitely exercise ball goes up to a 95 cm size option, the largest on our list and the only ball appropriate for people who stand up to 6’9”.

Cons: Inflating the exercise ball with the hand pump included is time-consuming.


Live Infinitely Exercise Ball Image courtesy of Amazon