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Puffy, Tired Eyes? Ditch The Hot Towel and Use This $20 Warming Eye Mask Instead

* Give your eyes a spa-like experience
* Comes with an automatic shut-off feature
* Ample face coverage for extreme relaxation

If you’re already an eye mask user, then you know how relieving they can be. If you are not a regular user or have not tried one yet, this unique Heated Eye Mask by Aroma Season might make you a convert.

This is not your ordinary eye mask: it uses a USB adapter to supply power and provide five different heat temperatures and six different time settings to create the ultimate relaxation experience. The customized heating material is appropriately distributed to enable the mask to heat evenly and provides a warm (but never hot) maximum temperature scale.

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In addition to warmth, the mask is made from a smooth, ultra-soft velour fabric that feels luxe yet comfortable against the skin and has a hidden zipper on top of the eye mask, enabling you to remove and wash the cover at your leisure.

To round out your whole experience, the mask has been filled with a lavender scent which is a well-known stress reliever, anxiety reducer and all over just helps you to relax and unwind.

Perfect for travel, this easy-to-pack eye mask also works well at home, at the office and almost anywhere you need a quick recharge. With an easy-to-read LED display on the controller and generous 30-inch cord, there really is no limit to where you can use this mask.


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