Stay Safe and Comfortable with the Best Brands of Face Masks with Filters

face mask with filters

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In some places, there are laws. In others, you’ll find only rules or guidelines. No matter how hard the mandates fall, face masks are the order of the day as the COVID-19 pandemic grinds on into its seventh month. While almost any face mask will prevent fluid particles from passing from your mouth, they offer little protection from other particles. For that sort of duty, a more advanced mask with a filter insert is in order.

In truth, the masks you and your friends wear these days will not stop the virus itself through the air. The Covid-19 bug is about 0.1 microns, and very few masks available to consumers can filter out something that small. We wear face covers to stop saliva particles from passing between us because those droplets can carry the virus from person to person. Masks with filters double up on that protection and offer the extra protection of keeping out dust and pollen.

Until there’s a Coronavirus vaccine or a cure, or even beyond those panaceas if you’re the cautious type, these face masks with filters will offer you the best chance to remain uninfected.


1. HALOLIFE – Face Mask

It’s the materials that make the difference for the HALO. The high-tech fibers making up the onboard nano filter keep out the nasty bits while allowing the wearer to breathe comfortably. The primary concerns of people who hate masks always include the uncomfortable heat, the resulting moisture inside the mask and the steam that fogs glasses. The HALO filters breathe evenly while allowing proper venting.

HALOLIFE Face Mask, best mask with filters Amazon

2. Soft Foot Facial Protection Filtration Mask

More elaborate mask designs include a breathing valve, as in this Soft Foot offering. The valve is designed to allow temperature and moisture venting, while maintaining the mask’s protective integrity. This design includes adjustable ear straps to prevent pinching and is safely washable for reuse. Once this virus madness passes, vented masks are also useable for sports use in cycling and other activities.

best masks with filters Amazon

3. MEDRACHEL Reusable Cloth Face Mask with Filter Insert Slot

Medrachel offers cotton masks that are machine-washable and reusable. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find any doctor out there who wouldn’t urge you to wash your mask daily whether or not it has a filter insert like these. Masks from Medrachel include adjustable ear loops to prevent folks with big noggins having to walk around with ears folded over from too tight a strap.

best masks with filters Amazon

4. Colbiz Dust Mask Reusable with Activated Carbon Filters

Face masks originally designed for sports use were intended for multiple functions. First of all, they keep micro-particles, pollution and other potential troublemakers out of the athlete’s lungs while he or she is exercising. They also force the athlete to strengthen lung capacity. This advanced design of this Colbiz mask turns those functions around in this time of plague and puts its filters to work protecting all parties from the spread of the virus.

best masks with filters Amazon

5. Wechi Mask with 4 Filters

Similar in appearance to many other brands of valve-vented masks, these Wechi products are made of nylon and use the shaped filter inserts to protect the wearer from dust, chemical fumes, smoke, pollen, exhaust and, of course, saliva particles that could carry Coronavirus. Wechi states that 98% of those little problems are kept away, meaning only the smallest particulates like a virus can get through the filters. Fortunately, plenty of evidence indicates COVID-19 can’t hang on in the air long enough to do that damage — especially outdoors.

Wechi Face Mask with 4 Filters Amazon

6. Space Mask from Space Studio

New Yorkers like to tell the world their city is America’s epicenter for everything from business to fashion to entertainment to culture. Unfortunately, all of that concentration of people and activity made Manhattan an epicenter for the virus, too. New York’s Space Studio jumped to The Big Apple’s defense with Space Mask. While the fashion house is more famous for t-shirts and other casual wear, these three-layer filtered masks offer a myriad of patterns and are treated with anti-microbial compounds pre-sale.

best masks with filters Space Mask

7. masQd Ultra Sport Face Mask

Made in Los Angeles with LA-LA-Land’s traditional obsession for fashion and appearance, the products from masQd offer a potpourri of styles and colors. Evidently, you’ll find masQd designs covering Jennifer Lopez’s mug with reviews appearing on Vogue and GQ. Buyers can choose between standard and sports filters, depending on how they intend to use masQd masks during and after the COVID craziness.

masQd Ultra Sport Face Mask - best mask with filters MASQD

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