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Things Get Personal With The Moov Now Fitness Tracker

* This discreet wearable comes in seven colors
* Up to six months of battery life
* Yes, you can swim and shower with it

Have you been keeping up with your new year’s resolution of getting back into shape? Perhaps you haven’t started. Whatever the case, the Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker combines basic activity tracking with personalized coaching, all bundled into a tiny and inconspicuous package.

At its core, the Now does everything you might expect from a fitness tracker, like counting steps, analyzing your sleep patterns and wirelessly syncing to your phone. But those were things fitness trackers were doing as far back as 2011. So what’s new in 2017?

For starters, the Moov Now tracks and analyzes your movements in 3D thanks to a 9-axis sensor, whereas things were generally handled by a measly 3-axis sensor before. What that means is that Moov can now analyze how your body is moving during certain exercises and will help improve your form. For instance, the device claims to be able to measure impact, so when you’re running, the sensors take into account things like your weight and speed and determines whether or not you’re striking the ground too hard. If you’re a swimmer it can even detect the different styles of strokes, and it will help boxers improve their footwork.

Info like this could potentially keep you from injuring yourself. It does all the number crunching on the fly and instantaneously relays tips to you in real-time from the tiny disc wearable that you wear on your wrist or ankle. The accompanying smartphone app comes with a variety of pre-programmed workouts in case you’re just getting started on your fitness journey.

Basically, the Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker is like having a personal coach without the cost typically associated with a personal coach. The wearable features up to six months battery life and a waterproof and that is lightweight and breathable. It doesn’t look half bad either.

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