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Burn Calories Quickly By Jumping on One of These Exercise Trampolines

When it comes to a well-rounded exercise routine, having a variety of movements is key. You want to work in all three movement planes: the sagittal plane, frontal plane and transverse plane, by moving forward and back, up and down and side to side. A great way to move up and down with a boost, get your heartrate up and make exercise feel emblematic of your youth? Getting an exercise trampoline.

They make miniature trampolines designed to be used at home, and they’re perfect for individual exercise. Jumping on an exercise trampoline not only gives your legs an extra elastic boost during your workout, they also can help improve your cardiovascular health, relieve tension, improve your endurance and give you the physical benefits of jumping movements without all the impact.

We’ll dive into the best exercise trampolines for fitness in a bit. But first, let’s explore why they’re good for you, and the different types available.

Why Are Exercise Trampolines Good For You?

First, let’s go over some terminology. An exercise trampoline, or fitness trampoline, is officially called a rebounder. This name is what separates it from the larger, more dangerous ones of our youth, in addition to the small, individual size.

Exercising on a fitness trampoline comes with many benefits, the first of which being that it’s lower to the ground, making it safer to use no matter what your body’s dimensions are.

1. Strength Training 

Rebounders work many muscles in your body at once with each jump, as your body propels itself off the ground and embraces itself upon impact so you land safely. This works your glutes, quads, back and core all at once.

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2. Improves Your Balance

Exercising on a trampoline requires more work from your balance and stability muscles than working on solid ground. This may improve balance over time, especially in seniors, and can help prevent falls in older age.

3. Increases Bone Density

The more pressure and demand you put on your bones, the more likely you are to have better bone density. As we age, our bones become more fragile and brittle. One study found that regular trampoline use improved the bone density in the hips and spines of competitive gymnasts, hinting that it could have the safe effect for those who don’t use them professionally.

4. Boosts Heart Health

Jumping on a trampoline is great cardiovascular activity, which strengthens your heart muscles and can help lower cholesterol, lower your resting heart rate and improve your heart health overall. If you’re bored with your regular spinning, running and HIIT training, a trampoline might be just what you need to shake it up.

5. Stress Relieving

Jumping on an exercise trampoline is also fun, releases endorphins and can help relieve stress with prolonged use. Jumping also demands constant tensing and releasing of muscles in your body, which is great for circulation and keeping you loose and relaxed.


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What to Consider Before Purchasing an Exercise Trampoline

There are a few key details you’ll want to consider before purchasing your exercise trampoline. They’re largely built in similar ways, but there are some unique factors that differentiate them from one another, as well as how they’ll suit different types of people.

1. Size 

All exercise trampolines are “mini” versions of the larger trampolines of childhood backyards. However, some are 30″ across and others are 55″, which will take up different amounts of space. Consider how much space you have to use and how big you want your trampoline to be. If a smaller platform to jump on makes you nervous, opt for something larger. If you’ve got a very limited amount of space, a more compact option will serve you.

2. Consider the User(s)

How many people will be using this trampoline? Will children be using it? Some trampolines come with balance bars with adjustable heights that make it easier to adjust to dimensions of differently-sized users.

3. Firmness

Many exercise trampolines come with multiple adjustable elastic straps on the sides that enable you to tighten or loosen the trampoline surface, rendering it softer or firmer to jump on. A firmer trampoline is harder to jump on, and will work your muscles more. A looser one will have more give, and will require less work per bounce.


1. BCAN 40″ Foldable Mini Trampoline


This durable, heavy-duty fitness trampoline is made of super high-quality steel material and resistant PP material that can support up to 330 lbs. It’s got an adjustable foam handle for stability that can accommodate a wide range of heights from 32″ to 44″. It folds down to 1/4 of its original size so it can store anywhere in your home and has a closed design with its steel springs for safety and comfort. The safety oxford pad not only protects you from the springs but enables quiet jumping that won’t annoy your family or roommates. It’s made of anti-slip material that’s waterproof so you won’t slip and slide after a sweaty workout and is very easy to clean.

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2. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline


This 36-inch folding trampoline from Stamina is 23-inches wide and made with 30 tension bands that ensure a soft, quiet and safe bounce for users. This trampoline was made for a great rebounder workout and can support up to 250 pounds. It’s easy to assemble and includes six detachable legs with rubber tips that will protect your flooring as you bounce and train away. The folding design means you can tuck it away when not in use, making it great for apartment dwellers.

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3. ANCHEER Mini Fitness Trampoline


Get an excellent cardio workout and tone your muscles with this rebounder from Ancheer. The easy assembly and folding make storage a snap as you spring into great shape for beach days ahead. It’s made of rust-proof steel, 32 extra-enhanced springs and six durable legs that can hold up to 220 lbs easily. It’s got an anti-slip design that’s made to be quiet, stay in place and provide a stable and safe bouncing environment.

Fold it up and easily store it once you’re done and carry it from room to room easily. This training trampoline uses your bodyweight and inertia to train your body, ease the pressure on your joints from running or cycling and strengthen the muscles around your shoulders, hips and legs.

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4. JumpSport 250 In Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder


This fitness trampoline has a 40% reduction in impact compared to other bounces due to its unique design. It’s got a large jumping surface but also an extra-wide padded mat for all types of cardio workouts, core exercises and lymphatic flow. It’s got a super stable design with a 39-inch frame and 35.5-inch Permatron jumping area. The arched legs increase the stability, don’t tip easily and store easily. The trampoline has a weight capacity of around 250 pounds.

It’s made with EnduroLast elastic cords that are tested millions of times before use and provide a lively but supported bounce. It’s also got a silent FlexBounce System that’s gentle on your joints and provides a smooth bounce.

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5. MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder With Sand Weights and Resistance Bands


Thi MaXimus PRO Indoor Rebounder is a low-impact but high-performance trampoline that is perfect for cardiovascular exercise that’s light on your joints and fun to complete. This trampoline comes with a whole package of exercise equipment you can use in conjunction with your bouncer including a handle bar, a set of resistance bands and sand weights. It’s built to last you years of jump workouts with 32 giant springs calibrated that give a resilient, low-impact bounce. The mat is double cross-stitched, non-slip and non-marking so your shoes won’t walk away with remnants of your jumps on them. Whether you’re working on muscle strength, balance, endurance or targeting a specific muscle group workouts on fitness trampolines like this one can help you get there.

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6. FIT BOUNCE PRO Bungee Exercise Trampoline


This rebounder from MaXimus has a 5-star rating on Amazon and is engineered for a supported, strong bounce as well as a soft-silent landing. There’s no assembly required, and it includes a metal locking bolt for safety during your workout. It can fold in half for easy storage, and comes with its own zip-up storage bag that makes it easier to carry.

Many of the most positive reviews note that this trampoline is super easy to set up and definitely worth the money.

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7. Stamina 38-Inch InTone Plus Rebounder


This heavy-duty rebounder from Stamina comes with resistance band straps for working your upper body as well as your lower body. Since jumping on an exercise trampoline is typically a lower-body activity, these included bands make it easy to get the most out of your workout. There’s also a built-in fitness tracker so you can monitor your minutes, calories burned and number of jumps.

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8. SereneLife Portable Fitness Trampoline


This SereneLife trampoline is built round with a sturdy base and a foam handlebar that can be adjusted between 35″-46″ off the ground for safe jumping. This wide size variety also makes it great for children and adults alike, and the adjusting knob on the side makes it easy to change the height. It can be folded up for compact storage and has a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

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9. AirZone 38″ Fitness Bungee Trampoline


This fitness trampoline has a sturdy steel construction and an anti-slip jump mat designed for high-intensity movements and workouts. It has a T bar handle so you can easily keep your balance and the bungee cords are designed to keep your workout as noise-free as possible. The steel frame is powder-coated and it has seven steel legs for keeping you solidly on the ground as you jump.

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10. Darchen Mini Indoor Trampoline


This rebounder trampoline from Darchen is 40 inches across, making it a bit larger than the smaller 33″ or 35″ models on this list. This one is great if you want a little more space to move, but still need something limited in size. It has a 400 pound weight capacity, a bit heavier than other options, and is made of heavy-duty steel for solid stability. It has a stripe of color along the padded foot pad as well, that comes in several bright choices.

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