Roll Over: The 7 Best Foam Rollers for Post-Workout Recovery

Best Foam Roller Massagers for Improved
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* Improve your post-workout recovery with a foam roller
* Foam rollers have recently become a mainstream fitness accessory
* Leads to better workouts, posture and reduced stress

Foam rollers were once reserved for pro athletes and fitness freaks, but have recently become a workout essential for people at all levels. By massaging tight muscles and trigger points (knots in muscles) you loosen and relax your whole body, leading to improved performance, less pain during and after workouts, and faster, better recovery.

It doesn’t replace stretching, but performs a whole other function that stretching can’t. Stretching your body doesn’t get rid of knots, just like stretching a rubber band with a knot doesn’t get rid of the knot. Even if you don’t exercise often (or at all) knots can build up from bad posture, sitting, bad nutrition and stress.

Although foam rollers used to be expensive, more options and a higher demand have lead to reduced prices and accessibility. Below are seven of the best foam rollers you can buy right now.

1. LuxFit Foam Roller

For a bare-bones, low-priced option, we recommend this LuxFit foam roller. It repels sweat (it won’t get smelly) and is made of a tough polypropylene foam that won’t loose its shape after heavy use.

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2. AmazonBasics High-Density Foam Roller

Another great option if you’re on a budget is the AmazonBasics foam roller. It’s also well-made and will keep it’s shape, and provides an effective massage.

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3. SmarterLife Foam Roller

This foam roller upgrades the basic with a knobby texture, making it better at removing tight knots. It comes with a transportation bag so you can use it at home, at the gym, or at fitness/yoga classes.

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4. WODFitters Foam Roller

WODFitters also makes a great minimal foam roller. It has two textures (knobby and smooth), and a strong construction for effective loosening and relaxation.

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5. TriggerPoint Handheld Foam Roller

Sometimes foam rollers on the ground can be awkward to use or won’t reach a small knot in places like the upper back. Although it’s not quite as effective as a ground roller, a handheld roller like this one can be very helpful.

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6. Morellifit 7-in-1 Foam Roller and Mobility Kit

The Morellifit 7-in-1 comes with a wedge foam roller, two different massage balls and three mini loop bands for a complete massage. The wedge design helps with leg and arm motions, and the massage balls make it easier to target a tough knot.

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7. TiggerPoint Vibrating Foam Roller

For the most effective massage routine, we recommend trying this TriggerPoint vibrating foam roller. It has three textures to mimic the palm, fingers and finger tips-plus a vibration frequency that’s calibrated for muscle relaxation based on clinical standards.

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