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The 9 Best Free Workout Apps for Staying in Shape at Home

We’re all spending a bit more time than usual at home these days. And, as more and more gyms close, that may mean fitness goals start to slip away. But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you have a smartphone and a bit of space in your house or apartment (or you can still go outside), you should be able to still complete your recommended daily workout thanks to the best free workout apps.

Workout apps bring your personal trainer directly into your smartphone by providing personalized recommendations for strength training, yoga and cardio. There are apps for every fitness level, whether this is your first time donning gym shoes or you’re a seasoned gym rat. And, you’ll find that most of these apps include videos and audio to explain each exercise as well as personalized fitness plans so you can get the most out of your workout every day.

Getting active on a daily basis is as important to your physical wellbeing as it is to your mental health. So, download one or more of these free apps to stay sane and fit during your self-isolation. Even better, pair one of these free workout apps with one of our favorite diet tracking apps. With a little determination, you may leave quarantine feeling healthier than ever before.


1. Nike Training Club


As one of the most comprehensive free workout apps on the market, it’s easy to see why users love Nike Training Club. In this app, you’ll get access to a variety of workouts ranging from 15 to 45 minutes and from beginner to advanced intensity. You can also choose between workouts that use body weight only or workouts that need a full set of equipment. Plus, the app provides daily exercise “Picks for You” that become more personalized the more you interact with the app.

As an added bonus, Nike has made the premium version of their app free until further notice to help those stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2. FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans


The FitOn app offers amazing workouts from your favorite celebrity trainers at absolutely no cost to you. The quick and effective workouts include exclusive videos from the likes of Gabriele Union, Jonathan Van Ness and others to get you moving toward your fitness goals. Cardio, strength, HIIT, dance, yoga, pilates and barre are just some of the exercises you’ll find in the app. In addition, for those who like to stick to a schedule, the app boasts live classes daily. But, don’t worry, you can catch up with your favorite trainers on demand, too. Stay motivated by tracking your progress and creating a customized workout plan for you and your friends.

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Image courtesy of FitOn


3. Map My Run by Under Armour


Whether you’re a new runner or a seasoned gym runner who’s just transitioning to outdoor running, the Map My Run app can help. This popular app allows users to track the distances they run outside using GPS technology. It will sync with most fitness wearables, including the Apple Watch, the Fitbit and Jawbone. In addition to running, Map My Run can also log more than 600 other activities, like cycling, yoga and gym workouts. If you want to get more from the app, a paid premium upgrade is available.

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Image courtesy of Under Armour Inc.


4. 7 Minute Workout: Fitness App


What if we told you that seven minutes is all you need to fit in a good workout? With the 7 Minute Workout app, that’s the truth. The app offers professionally designed workouts that are short enough to do anytime and anywhere. Each exercise has a voice-over provided by a personal trainer as well as video instructions. You can even use the custom workout builder to create your own seven-minute workouts. And, to keep you motivated, you can set up the app to send push notifications that remind you when it’s time to workout.

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5. Yoga for Beginners


For beginners, heading to a yoga studio can be intimidating. That’s why at-home yoga with the Yoga for Beginners app is a great place to start. With this “yoga studio in your pocket,” you’ll be able to learn how to do the fundamental postures and gain access to handcrafted workouts. Each practice is narrated by a soothing voice to help you also benefit from the mental clarity yoga can bring. The app integrates with Apple Health to help you track your workouts and calories burned, but the best part is that all the practices on the app are 100% free.

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Image courtesy of One Other Game


6. Ab & Core Workouts


Also known as Sworkit, the Ab & Core Workouts app does exactly what it promises. The app features three types of workouts, namely Ab-solutely Awesome Workouts, Back Strength Workouts and Complete Core Strength Workouts. Whichever one you choose, you can set the time you want to exercise and the app will customize a series of exercises for your preferences. Each move is preceded by an optional tutorial, and you can pause a workout at any point. Your abs will thank you for downloading this effective free app.

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Image courtesy of Nexercise


7. Zombies, Run!


Let’s face it. Running around the neighborhood with the same old tunes gets somewhat boring. Spice up your daily runs with the Zombies, Run! app, which is definitely one of the most entertaining free exercise app. This app adds a soundtrack to your runs, putting you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. When you download the app, you’ll get your first four missions (or runs) for free, and you’ll be able to unlock one more mission every week. On each mission, you’ll need to outrun the zombies and collect supplies that you can use to build new fortifications within the app’s game. If you want access to hundreds of other missions, you can purchase season passes to the Abel Runner’s Club within the app itself.

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8. Kettlebell Workouts by Fitify


If you have a set of weights or kettlebells at home, the Kettlebell Workouts by Fitify is one of the best free workout apps available right now. This fitness app contains more than 45 kettlebell exercises split into five unique workout programs. Each exercise features a clear HD video demonstration and a voice coach to talk you through it. Use the preset workouts or combine the exercises into your own playlist. Furthermore, this app works offline, so you don’t have to worry about eating up your data to workout.

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Image courtesy of Fitify


9. Peloton – At Home Fitness


What’s Peloton doing on our list of the best free workout apps? While not usually free, Peloton is offering an extended complimentary 90-day trial of its app due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s great news as the Peloton At Home Fitness app is consistently one of the best rated workout apps on the market. With this tool on your phone, you’ll have access to thousands of live and on-demand fitness videos. From indoor and outdoor running to yoga and HIIT, this app has something to help you meet your fitness goals. And, if you need extra motivation, the app boasts built-in challenges. Successfully complete these challenges to earn medals and badges. Should you wish to continue with the app after the 90-day trial, Peloton charges $12.99 per month for unlimited content.

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