8 Things Every Guy Needs To Stay Fresh at The Gym

Best Gym Hygiene Products for Men:
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* Stay fresh during and after the gym
* Products for your hair, armpits, groin, and more
* No shower or towel required

Getting your gym bag dialed in with the right hygiene products can take some time, but it’s essential. Not only will you be doing everyone else a favor (we all get stinky), but with a quick and effective gym hygiene routine, you can go straight from the gym to work or dinner.

Below are some highly rated products every guy should keep in his gym bag to stay fresh during and after a good workout.

1. Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Sweat, movement, and a post-workout shower are sure to destroy even the best hairdo. ThisAmazon’s Choice dry shampoo will eliminate sweat, odor and grease after hitting the gym with half the time.

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2. Mitchum Spray Deodorant

Spray-on deodorants like this one form Mitchum are great post-workout product to keep on hand. Not only do they keep you smelling fresh, but they can also double as a body spray.

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3. Neutrogena Face Wipes

These handy cleansing face wipes let you wash the sweat, dirt, and oil off your face when you don’t have time for a full scrub. They’re especially good after a workout, as sweat and grime can cause breakouts and blemishes.

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4. ShowerPill Body Cleaning Wipes

The Shower Pill Body Wipes let you clean your entire body without any shower, towel or even water needed. They disinfect and freshen you up when you’re crunched for time, but don’t leave any residue. They’re also great for camping trips and outdoor adventures too.

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5. DUDE Body Powder

Your groin area is most likely the hardest part to keep fresh after a good workout, so it’s essential to get a good odor-neutralizing powder. This one from DUDE features a natural deodorant that makes your nether region smell great, and won’t cause any harm irritation or burning.

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6. Fresh Balls Lotion

Fresh Balls by Fresh Body is another odor-neutralizer for your groin area, but this formula comes as a lotion instead of a powder. It also uses a quick-drying formula, so you won’t feel wet or sticky down there after applying.

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7. Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Working out can either severely dehydrate skin or leave feeling super greasy. This refreshing facial spray from Mario Badescu allows you rejuvenate your mug after the gym, and only requires a quick spritz.

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8. SWAGO Cologne Wipes

These single-use cologne wipes are great for keeping in your gym bag, as glass cologne bottles are prone to breaking. This set comes with five different scents, so you can find out which is your favorite before buying more.

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