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Mane Management: Stop Hair Loss With These Vitamins

* Hims is a buzzy new Silicon Valley startup
* Vitamins, shampoos, and prescriptions that strengthen hair
* Highly affordable hair loss solutions designed for men

A great head of hair looks good on everyone (except maybe Bruce Willis), which is why there’s hundreds of hair-loss products on the market. Hair loss is an especially common problem for men, and balding can start even in the early 20s. However, finding a prevention product that actually works (for your hair and for your wallet) can be a challenge.

This is where Hims comes in. Hims is a new Silicon Valley startup that’s revamping the hair-loss prevention world by offering affordable, no-nonsense products that actually work to fight hair loss.

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When you shop Hims, you have a few options: you can buy non-prescription products like vitamins and shampoo, or you can get a consultation from a doctor (on the Hims site or at your own doctor’s office) for hair-strengthening prescriptions. Either way, you can set up a subscription plan that delivers the right amount of hair loss products at regular intervals.

One of our favorite Hims products is their once-a-day multivitamin. It contains Biotin (also known as B7), which is a natural supplement that’s been proven to help strengthen hair and promote healthier skin.

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Whether you’re suffering from hair loss or looking for a healthy preventative measure to delay it in the future, Hims offers a convenient way to take care of your hair.