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Daily Deal: Take 60% Off This Heated Deep Tissue Massager

* Get a high-quality shoulder massage every day
* Long-term stress relief, better sleep, and a stronger immune system
* Usually $100, but today this massager is just $40

It’s easy to forget how amazing you feel after a good massage.

With this Ellesye deep tissue neck and shoulder massager, you can get a great massage every day for just $39.00. The highly-rated gadget usually goes for $100+, but right now they’re running a deal for 60% off. If you’ve ever wanted a home massager worth investing in, this is it.

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Not all home massagers are created equal. Most of the massagers you see at malls or airports are very cheaply made, and don’t actually loosen your muscles – they just feel good. This one from Ellesye is different. It’s designed to give a therapeutic, deep tissue rub that provides the benefits of a great massage: long-term stress relief, better sleep, and even a stronger immune system.

The Ellesye utilizes six nodes that work on your shoulders and neck (the area where we carry the most stress). It administers three different massage actions – vibrating, kneading, and heat – which work together to give a professional-level massage. It also features a clever hands-free design that ties around your waist or back, keeping the device pushed against your shoulders.

This massager also comes highly-rated with 4.5 stars and nearly 100 reviews. Users agree that it’s the best non-human massage you can get, and for the price, it’s a steal.