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A Dependable Weight Bench Multiplies Your Home Workout Possibilities

No home gym is complete without the best home weight bench. Sure, you can do a ton of exercises without any equipment, but a bench gives you a secure place to perform a whole range of exercises, including presses, flies, curls and more.

Furthermore, a workout bench can instantly turn any space into a legit workout space because you’re not going to be using it for anything else besides lifting and stretching.

And unlike dumbbells or home gyms, which take some know-how to buy what’s best for you, home weight benches couldn’t be simpler to choose. There are sturdy flat benches, adjustable benches and benches with wheels if you actually do plan to move the thing around. And if you do want a bench with added utility, some even come with built-in arm curlers and leg curlers, some assembly required.

If you’re trying to step up your home workout game, you can’t go wrong with some of the best home weight benches. Check out some of our favorite home weight benches below. We’ve also included some of the best weight bench sets, which feature both a reliable bench and a set of weights.


The Best Weight Benches


1. Bowflex SelectTech 5.1s Adjustable Bench


For a generally excellent bench, we turn to one of our favorites, Bowflex. The Bowflex SelectTech 5.1s Adjustable Bench is well designed and covers all the essential needs of a home weight bench and then some. Steel construction supports up to 600 pounds of weight and the back adjusts to six positions to accommodate your lifts.

Signature to Bowflex, the seat adjusts with an incredibly easy-to-use lift-and-click button. Furthermore, this bench folds up and features wheels to roll it around. Though the Bowflex home weight bench doesn’t collapse perfectly flat, it collapses well enough for its high-quality construction and overall it’s one of the best home weight benches.

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2. Fitness Reality SuperMax Adjustable Weight Bench


For most home workout enthusiasts, the Fitness Reality SuperMax Adjustable Weight Bench will more than get the job done. It offers the perfect balance between heavy-duty weight support, storability and affordability.

One problem with heavy-duty benches is they can’t collapse at all and, unsurprisingly, they’re heavy as heck. This bench can support up to 800 pounds and handle users up to 6’4”, but it can also fold up like an ironing board, which is pretty convenient. It has six back settings and two settings on the foot support for more angle variability.

Overall, this Fitness Reality home weight bench is cheap, foldable and supports a surprising amount of weight, making it one of the best home weight benches for most people.

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3. Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench


The Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench is an overall great option for a range of exercises. An easy-to-use adjustable seat and an adjustable back help you get the perfect angle for your incline, decline or standard chest presses. The home weight bench also fully collapses so it could be easily stowed in a closet or under a tall bed.

As for the bench itself, the leather and foam pads are thick, it’s made of steel that supports up to 500 pounds and it has a foam foot support to help stabilize your core during lifts. The only downside is it’s not the best bench for taller people, as it’s designed to handle people up to 5’9″.

But overall, the Flybird bench is the best home weight bench for those looking for an all-around solid, adjustable, not-too-expensive bench.

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4. Ceayun Adjustable Home Weight Bench


The Ceayun Adjustable Home Weight Bench has a lot going for it at its price point. It’s adjustable, allowing for incline and decline presses, and features a nice wide seat and back. The foam’s a little stiff, which is neither here nor there, but it’s good enough to get you through your workout. It’s also foldable and becomes a lot more compact than many other comparable options, easily fitting into a closet, corner or under the bed.

There is a bit of a gap between the back cushion and the seat cushion that will be noticeable on decline presses, but it won’t bother much for most exercises.

Overall, this isn’t the best home weight bench, but it’s more than serviceable for most people.

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5. Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench


Meet the most basic home weight bench ever: the Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench. Basic is not a knock here either. It’s flat and it’s simple, but it’s also well-constructed and appropriately priced. You’ve got your steel frame that supports up to 600 pounds and high-density foam for adequate support and comfortable lifts. It’s not exaggerating to say you truly don’t need anything else in a flat bench, especially at a reasonable price. The Marcy bench is definitely the best home weight bench if you need something utterly basic and affordable.

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6. Marcy Exercise Utility Bench


Though there are a lot of important little features that make some benches better than others, most people really don’t need them as long as they can get through their routines. And if they don’t need them, there’s no reason to pay for them. If this sounds like you, the Marcy Exercise Utility Bench will be the best home weight bench for your workout.

It’s adjustable for incline and decline and features decent roller pads and foam cushioning. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fold up, but it’s got the basics to get the job done and is priced accordingly.

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7. Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench


For a heavier-duty, more versatile pure flat bench, the Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench is a great option. The steel frame structure can handle weights up to 1,000 pounds and a three-inch-thick pad gives you consistency during your lift.

The bench also folds surprisingly flat. Few benches fold up so cleanly, especially one that can support so much weight, and this home weight bench will easily tuck under a bed, rest against a wall or slide into a closet. If storability is key for you, the Finer Form bench is the best home weight bench for you.

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8. Body Champ Olympics Weight Bench


If you own weighted plates and a barbell or are just looking for a more all-in-one home gym solution, then you might be interested in the Body Champ Olympics Weight Bench.

The leg developer and preacher curl take weighted plates to tone your arms and legs and the bench comes with a height-adjustable rack for your barbell during incline, decline and flat presses. Body Champ even tossed in a crunch handle for weighted crunches. The only downside is this bench can’t handle that much weight, with a limit of 300 pounds.

But the Body Champ home weight bench is versatile for its price and might just encourage you to add more exercises to your routine and pick up a set of plates and a barbell. It’s definitely the best home weight bench for those seeking that added versatility.

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9. Escape Fitness Deck 2.0


The Escape Fitness Deck 2.0 may look a little zany for more traditional-minded exercises, but the design gives it additional functionality a classic home weight bench could never deliver.

It can work as a standard incline press, with three different settings, or a single setting decline press if you fold in one side of the legs. But it can fully collapse into a deck for step-related workouts if you fold the other legs in. The bench also features built-in storage underneath the backrest, perfect for a set of dumbbells or other small exercise gear.

As for the backrest itself, it’s very firm compared to foam-based cushions because it needs to be able to work as a deck too. That could be a little uncomfortable for some people, but it nonetheless provides great support when you’re trying to push through that last lift. The fact that it’s so wide is a big pro for stability during lifts too.

If you want a bench that offers more features than a traditional bench, the Escape Fitness Deck will be the best home weight bench for you.

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The Best Weight Bench Sets

Now that we’ve covered the best weight benches (that is, standalone benches), let’s explore some more comprehensive options. Specifically, let’s look at weight bench sets — a collection of weights that accompanies a bench, working in tandem to serve as a great home weightlifting starter kit.

A weight set with a bench will provide either dumbbells or a barbell alongside a flat or adjustable weight bench. You can certainly buy these individually, which will give you more options to choose from, but you can’t beat the convenience of an all-in-one weight bench set.


1. Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells & 5.1S Stowable Bench


Sensing a trend here? Bowflex delivers in every aspect of its home strength training line, so it’s no surprise to see the 5.1S bench listed twice, this time alongside the SelectTech 552 Dumbbells, one of our favorite adjustable dumbbells.

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2. Flybird Weight Bench Set


Flybird’s excellent and affordable adjustable dumbbells pair with its reliable bench for a weight bench set with a ton of value. This weight bench set is less than half the price of the Bowflex set, but also offers half the weight — the dumbbells adjust from 5-25 pounds (compared to Bowflex’s 52-pound max), while the bench shifts between sick back positions and four seat positions.

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3. Tempo Studio Plus Package


While this fitness mirror package from Tempo technically fits the “weight set with bench” category, it’s clearly in a league of its own. Still, the Plus Package sports a folding bench, two dumbbells, a barbell and plenty of weight plates, so it accomplishes exactly what it needs to.

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4. Golds Gym Weight Bench with Weight Set


If you want a full-sized barbell for your home gym, we suggest buying separately. But the convenience of this modified barbell weight bench set is the major selling point, as it sports 100 pounds of vinyl plates alongside a solid bench. Reviewers note that this bench is on the smaller side, though, so take that size into consideration.

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5. Weider Pro Weight Bench and Weight Combo Pack


This weight bench set from Wieder Pro features 80 pounds of vinyl weights, with a bench that can be adjusted to suit a variety of workouts, from incline bench press to hamstring curls.

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