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Claritin Makes Allergy Pills and Now They Make An Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector Too

* This Claritin mattress protector fights nighttime allergens
* Blocks dust mites, pet dander, pollen and more
* Utilizes a special anti-allergen weave that won’t irritate skin

Ever wonder why your allergies are worse at night? It’s because pollens are pushed into the air by warm temperatures during the day, and brought back down when it gets cooler at night. This can make getting some much-needed sleep almost impossible. However, there’s finally a solution: Claritin’s allergen barrier mattress protector.

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Image Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

That’s right: Claritin, makers of one of the best-selling antihistamine allergy medicines, just released this special anti-allergy mattress protector that helps to ease your nighttime symptoms. The mattress protector features a breathable, anti-allergen weave that creates a barrier against allergens, while still allowing fresh air to pass through. It blocks everything, including dust mites, household allergens, pollen, pet dander, and stains. And if it gets dirty, just throw it in the wash (the 100% polyester microfiber cover is super easy to care for). This lets you get some allergy-free rest, while eliminating the need for harsh night time medication.

To use, simply slip the Claritin mattress protector over your mattress, like a fitted sheet. It’s thin enough that you won’t notice it over your mattress, but it also has a luxurious embossed pattern, as well as the breathability and soft feel you’d expect from a high end mattress cover. In other words, you won’t be downgrading for the anti-allergy powers. Plus, it zips on and off for easy setup and removal.

The Claritin mattress protector is available in multiple sizes, from twin to California King. It’s well-reviewed online, from users who say they’ve woken up with few itchy eyes and sniffles. The mattress protector includes a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and is an officially-licensed product from Claritin.

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