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Keep Your Family Active at Home With an Inflatable Punching Bag

If you’re at home with kids, you know how tricky it can be to keep them busy and active. Chances are, everyone needs to let out some energy. Inflatable punching bags are fitness equipment disguised as toys, and they’re great for getting the whole family on their feet.

Inflatable punching bags are filled with air and weighted on the bottom, either with water or sand. The bag bounces back with each punch. These products are lightweight enough for young kids to use, so they’re often a safer alternative to traditional punching bags.

There are inflatable punching bags available for every age. If you’re buying for a young child, you can snag a punching bag with their favorite animal on it. Adults and teens might prefer a boxing-style punching bag that are a bit simpler. Be sure to pay attention to the height of the bag and make sure its suitable for your child’s size.

Here are some of the best inflatable punching bags to add to your playroom.

1. TUOWEI Fitness Punching Bag

This inflatable punching bag stands at 63 inches tall and is best for kids over five. However, it’s tall enough for adults to use as well. Fill the built-in stand with water or sand before inflating the top. The PVC material will hold its shape and resist punctures through normal use. This product deflates and folds up for easy storage.

Pros: The product is large enough for kids and adults to use, so you can buy one punching bag for the family. The material is thick enough to prevent air and water leaks.

Cons: The punching bag may start to lean over with time. This product isn’t suitable for toddlers.

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2. Bozo 3-D Bop Bag

A recreation of a beloved toy from the 60’s, this inflatable punching bag features the original Bozo. This product is 46 inches tall and has a sand-filled base. You’ll receive the product with the sand already in it. The punching bag is made of vinyl, which can hold up to wear and tear. Younger kids will love bopping the nose to make a squeaky noise.

Pros: This product can withstand quite a bit of roughhousing. The sand is built-in, so you don’t need to worry about water leaks.

Cons: The punching bag might not have enough sand in it to rebound fully. Tears and leaks are possible.

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3. Taylor Toy Inflatable Punching Bag

This inflatable punching bag is 44 inches tall and is made of durable vinyl. It’s soft enough to cushion your child’s punches and protect their hands. During setup, add water to the bottom before filling the product with air. You can use sand as a weight as well. The punching bag is designed to look like your child’s favorite animal, and you can choose from a tiger, dog or panda when buying.

Pros: This punching bag is both soft and durable, so it can withstand some roughness. The product bounces back when weighted properly.

Cons: You can only blow up this punching bag manually. The product doesn’t come with instructions.

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