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Safety First: The Best Clip-In Lights Under $20 For An Evening Run

* Stay safe while working out at night with these clip-on lights
* Fasten them to your jacket, bike, shoes, stroller or your dog’s collar
* Choose from battery-powered to USB chargeable options

It’s not always easy to make time to workout during the day, so night runs, bike rides or dog walks are sometimes in order. However, there are added risks to going out at night, like low visibility and darker roads and streets.

Fortunately, these clip-in lights make you easily visible, and help cars avoid you when you’re out and about. Simply fasten them to your jacket, bike, shoes, child’s stroller or dog collar for safer travels for everyone.

1. Alonefire Clip-On Flashlight

This clip-on light features three different modes: white, red and flashing red, which can function as an emergency light. It’s water-resistant, and the magnetic clip easily attaches to jackets, bikes or dog collars.


2. Volare-HK Shoe Clip Light

This bright LED light attaches directly to your shoe, and can be seen for up to half a mile, allowing drivers to see you in their peripheral vision. The batteries come included, as does the bonus screwdriver you can use to replace them.


3. STURME LED Safety Light

Slim and lightweight, these lights won’t hinder your mobility, and allows you to chose from two kinds of light: steady, or consistent strobe. It’s weather-resistant, too, so you don’t need to worry about bringing it along, rain or shine.


4. Apace Vision LED Safety Light

This lightweight light comes with straps that are two different lengths. One is shorter, that attaches to dog collars, strollers or bikes, and one is longer that attaches to ankles or arms. Plus, you can choose between five different fun, bright colors.


5. Lone Wolf Active Clip On Light

This light’s closure is a magnetic clasp, so it stays firm while you’re moving. You also don’t have to hassle with replacing the batteries- it plugs in and charges directly to your laptop.

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