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Always Get the Best Grip When Working Out Thanks to These Lifting Chalk Brands

Chalk is a necessity at the gym for optimizing grip stability, performance, and safety whether you’re lifting heavy weights or bouldering on your local rock wall. If you’re a regular CrossFitter working to level-up your climbing class or increasing your deadlift, a slippery grip can mean the difference between crushing a goal or potential injury. We want to protect you from this fate, so we’ve gathered the best chalk brands out there that deserve to be part of your regular workout routine. The top performers require the best gear, which is why we’ve selected on the best lifting chalk options below.

1. 321 STRONG Refillable Chalk Ball

321’s Chalk Ball has everything you need from lifting chalk. It’s non-toxic, pigment free and will keep your hands dry throughout your workout. The ball makes it super easy to apply and reapply throughout your workout without potential spills or messes, and it comes in a zip-top bag for extra protection from spills. Give yourself an extra boost when lifting, climbing and exercising by enhancing your grip with this refillable tool.

Pros: Portable, less messy than bag chalk.

Cons: Harder to apply than bags of loose chalk.

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2. Liquid Fit Lifting Chalk

Ever used liquid chalk before? It’s a fantastic alternative for gyms that don’t allow block or bagged chalk to avoid a potential mess. Squeeze a little on your hands and enjoy sweat-free palms throughout your workout. It’s antibacterial to protect you from germ-y equipment and has the power to increase your deadlift by up to 20% through better grip strength. This easy-to-apply, sweat-resistant formula will last through your gym routine.

Pros: Easy to apply, antibacterial, long-lasting.

Cons: Tube can dry out easily when left unused.

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3. SPRI Chalk Block

If you’re an avid chalk user looking to refill your own supply, this chalk block is the way to go. Easily break it apart to fit into your chalk bag or zip-top bag in your gym duffel. It’ll improve your grip and stability no matter the activity through eliminating moisture and avoiding the potential sabotage of slippery palms or painful blisters.

Pros: Good value for quality, versatility for different containers, eliminates moisture and is non-toxic.

Cons: Crumbly and softer than other brands.

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4. Gibson Athletic Premium Block Gym Chalk

This brand’s no-mess, no-fuss chalk takes it back to basics with pure magnesium carbonate and block packages. Designed for easy use by climbers, football players, basketball players, yogis and athletes alike, this is a great buy if you’re looking to order in bulk. If you’re the coach of a team or a gym owner looking for an easy way to distribute high-quality chalk, look no further than this option from Gibson Athletic. The chalk checks all the boxes and provides great value at the same time.

Pros: Simple, straightforward ingredients at a great value.

Cons: Slight perfume smell.

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