The Best Lip Balms For Super Chapped Lips

best lip balms for chapped lips
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* Some balms include alcohol, which cause dryness and requires additional applications
* Natural ingredients help treat chapped lips without drying them out
* Balms with SPF provide a protective layer

If we were making a list of addictions we can’t seem to quit, lip balm is at the top. If you’re like us, you probably have a few balms stashed in your bag, your desk, your jacket, and your nightstand. We’ve even been guilty of tucking a balm (or two) in the waistband of our pants when our lips were extra chapped. Thankfully, with the right balm, one or two applications per day is all it takes to treat and prevent chapped lips.

When it comes to searching for lip balms to help combat unsightly and painful chapped lips, the more natural the ingredients, the better. Some lip balms include alcohol that can actually make your lips drier, forcing you to constantly reapply the balm. Others simply sit on top of your lips, creating a layer of product that locks in the dryness instead of treating it.

Here are five lip balms that will not only treat your chapped lips, but help prevent chapping in the future.

1. Dr. Dans CortiBalm Lip Balm

Hydrocortisone, which is often used to treat skin that has been irritated by excessive dryness, redness, swelling or itching, is one of the main ingredients found in Dr. Dans CortiBalm. The cortisol is mixed with beeswax, petroleum jelly and mineral oil, creating a balm that is both hypoallergenic, making it sensitive enough for anyone to use, and strong enough to rescue lips that are extremely chapped from chemotherapy, cold sores, Accutane and more.

Dr. Dan Cortibalm

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2. SmartLife Lip Balm SPF 30

Many users compare SmartLife Lip Balm to Chapstick, with both brands boasting a low price point that makes them affordable for every day use. Where SmartLife differs is its SPF 30 rating, which means it not only soothes chapped lips, it helps prevent sunburns, which cause additional chapping.


SmartLife Lip Balm

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3. Beessential All Natural Lip Balm

If there’s a natural ingredient that increases moisture, it’s probably found in Beessential All Natural Lip Balm. Just reading the ingredient list is soothing, with the balm including Vitamin E, coconut, shea, beeswax and honey. The Beessential All Natural Lip Balm is paraben free, GMO free, gluten free, and alcohol free, which means it will keep your lips hydrated without the constant need for reapplication.

Beessential Natural Lip Balm

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4. Christina Moss Naturals Lip Balm

If you want to keep your lip balm as natural as possible without sacrificing effectiveness, try Christina Moss Naturals Lip Balm. It’s made with organic, non-GMO ingredients and is free from soy, gluten, corn, chemical fillers and synthetic fragrances, making it the ideal choice for anyone with sensitive skin. Not only does the balm treat and protect chapped lips, it’s safe for babies and works as a great base for lipstick.

Christina Moss Naturals Lip Balm

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