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Tone and Train With an Extremely Versatile Medicine Ball

Most professional gyms are packed with complicated and expensive machines that help target one specific muscle group. But if you’re looking for a piece of equipment that is versatile, easy to use, can help tone and strengthen almost any part of your body and is affordable enough to add to your home gym, we recommend investing in a medicine ball.

Medicine balls are weighted balls that range in weight and size, usually between a baseball and a basketball. They can be used to add weight to traditional exercises, like squats, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups and more. A quick YouTube search will result in hundreds of videos showing the many uses of a medicine ball. In many ways more versatile than dumbells, medicine balls force users to work on grip, coordination and balance.

Medicine balls got their name because of their original use by doctors and physical therapists who used them to help retrain patients after surgeries and injuries. Medicine balls remain an excellent option for workouts during recovery, helping to build balance and coordination through assisted stretching, standing on the ball, or trying to catch the ball.

If you’re ready to enter the wide world of medicine balls, check out four of our top picks below.

1. DYNAPRO Medicine Ball

The DYNAPRO Medicine Ball is a great gym buddy that gives users a durable and slip-resistant weight. Made with a sturdy rubber casing and strong enough to use for outdoor workouts, the Dynapro won’t burst or break when slammed on the ground and delivers twice the bounce as its competitors. Add weight to squats, chest tosses, lunges, sprints, deadlifts and more with the Dynapro, which is available in five weights (12 pounds shown here). The air-filled Dynapro is also appropriate for pool workouts and won’t take on water.

Pros: The Dynapro is designed with dual surfaces, including a diamond pattern and marbled texture, giving users two choices of where to hold the ball (both are designed to be non-slip).

Cons: The Dynapro has a chemical smell when it first arrives.

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2. Weighted Slam Ball by Day 1 Fitness

Slam your way through workouts with the Weighted Slam Ball by Day 1 Fitness. A thick outer shell helps the Day 1 absorb impact when thrown against a wall or the ground, helping users burn calories and build endurance quickly. Designed to help add weight to exercises like sit-up, squats, push-ups and more, the Day 1 ball comes in nine sizes, allowing customers to work up to new weight limits. The ball is filled with sand and is weighted more heavily towards the bottom, making it difficult for users to find its balance. This forces users to engage their muscles even further and burn additional calories.

Pros: Unlike the Dynapro, Day 1 will not bounce, making it better suited for workouts that involve slamming/throwing.

Cons: The Day 1 medicine balls are black with the weight printed on the bottom, which can make it difficult to discern which ball to grab if users purchase multiple weight options. The Day 1 is slip-resistant but does not have as much tread as the Dynapro and is more difficult to grip.

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3. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

For a durable and traditional style medicine ball, we recommend the AmazonBasics Medicine Ball. Constructed using sturdy rubber and an all-over textured finish for a secure grip, the AmazonBasics ball can be used in a variety of exercises. The medicine ball can bounce off hard surfaces and is designed to withstand the demands of a rigorous workout.

Pros: AmazonBasics offer nine weight options and each weight comes with its own bright color combination, making it easy to distinguish between the weights.

Cons: The AmazonBasics ball has a chemical smell and feels slightly wet and oily when it first arrives, which makes it difficult to grip.

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4. A2ZCARE Toning Ball

The A2ZCARE Toning Ball is a lightweight medicine ball that is comfortable to hold and can withstand most workouts. Small enough to be gripped with one hand, the A2ZCARE is available in six lightweight options that make it suited for use in Pilates, yoga, barre, stretching, and physical therapy. Each weight has a corresponding bright color to help differentiate between sizes.  The toning ball is filled with sand and has a soft PVC shell that is comfortable to hold and grip.

Pros: The outer shell of the A2ZCARE toning ball is free from phthalates and PVC and made without the use of heavy metal elements.

Cons: The A2ZCARE medicine ball should not get wet or be left in direct sunlight. It’s also not designed to be slammed on the floor.

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