The Best Medicine Balls To Use For Your Next Workout

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Working out is a great physical form of medicine, so when it comes to switching up your routine and trying something new, one piece of equipment seems obvious – the medicine ball. It’s right there in the name.

In the most basic terms, a medicine ball is a heavy and solid rubber ball that is used when working out. It comes in a variety of weights, typically starting at 4 pounds and going up in one and two pound intervals, similar to free weights. It can be small enough to fit in your palm or big enough that it looks like basketball, but don’t be fooled. You definitely can’t dribble with a medicine ball.

There are many reasons why we love to use medicine balls when working out. Unlike traditional free weights, when you drop a medicine ball on the ground it doesn’t make loud banging noise and they won’t damage your floors, making them a great option for a home gym. They’re great for exercising with a partner, with medicine balls easy to grab and throw back and forth. Medicine balls obviously help to build strength and muscle thanks to their weight, but they are also an excellent way to help build your stabilizing muscles, with many exercises for engaging the core muscles that can be performed while seated or laying down.

Medicine balls are great addition to your free weight set or a replacement for free weights, offering more work out options than traditional hand held free weights. Medicine balls are also an awesome way to inspire new workout routines when your typical exercises begin to feel stale, offering a wide range of motions and moves that will help you push past the ‘plateau effect’ that often comes with doing the same workout every week.

Like free weights, it’s a good idea to have a range of options when it comes to medicine balls, with different sizes and textures. If you’re just starting out and want to find out if the medicine ball is right for your workout, we’ve got some great options. And spoiler, medicine balls are great for everyone.

1. Day 1 Fitness Medicine Exercise Ball

The Day 1 Fitness Medicine Exercise Ball Is a medicine ball that works for just about every. Ranging in weights from 4 pounds to 20 pounds, the Day 1 Fitness ball has two types of grips, making it easy to use with a partner or during extra sweaty work out sessions. The multipurpose medicine ball can be used when stretching, in resistance training, and during rehab, with the durable rubber making the ball easier to use than dumbbells. Customers say they love how stable the Day 1 medicine ball is during their work outs, making them a great tool for push ups, and find the ball is incredibly durable and grips well.

Day 1

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2. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is a great intro option to the world of medicine balls, making it a popular option. The classically designed medicine ball, which has a sturdy rubber construction, is available in 4 to 20 lb options and can bounce on hard surfaces (only on rubber floors), making it ideal for ball slam workouts. The medicine ball has a huge following, with many customers noting that they like using the medicine ball for work outs and post-workouts, with the ability to do foam roller-inspired stretching.

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

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3. A2ZCARE Toning Ball

If you’re looking for a medicine ball that can be incorporated into traditional weight training workouts, as well as yoga, pilates, or if you’re dealing with an injury, we recommend the A2ZCARE Toning Ball. Unlike most medicine balls, the A2ZCARE has a durable and soft PVC shell and is packed with natural sand, which allows for the ball to be compressed and react to your weight. The ball is available in a literal handful of sizes, with the makers suggesting you select a ball that is sized to fit in the palm of your hand. Customers love that the A2ZCARE is an affordable option and an alternative to traditional hard medicine balls.

A2ZCARE Toning Ball

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4. Goplus Dual Grip Medicine Ball

If you’ve been deciding between adding a medicine ball, a kettle bell, or free weights to your home gym, the Goplus Dual Grip Medicine Ball combines all three. We love when decisions are easy. The dual-grip medicine ball is crafted from environmentally friendly rubber with a textured grip that is ideal for using during sweaty workouts. Thanks to the ball shape and two handles, the Goplus can be used as a traditional free weight, a kettle bell and a medicine ball, offering stability and resistance.

Goplus Dual Grip Medicine Ball

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