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The Best Meditation Cushions To Set Your Zen at Home

Your home should be a refuge. That’s why creating a space where you can clear your mind and find your zen is paramount to achieving a healthy and stress-free home environment. Meditation has become increasingly accessible in the past decade thanks to helpful apps, YouTube tutorials, and the rise in popularity of yoga, which in turn has made the importance of having a place in your home where you can find moments of stillness more popular. However, you don’t need an entire home yoga studio or meditation chamber to practice calm breathing and mindfulness techniques.

In order to look inward, it helps if you’re comfortable outward. Meditation pillows, which can come in the form of bolsters or more traditional mats, can help open your hips, a spot where people often hold tension. They also create a comfortable and safe space for practicing your meditation, provide support for the back and spine, and set the tone for a peaceful practice. Breathe in energy, exhale gratitude and check out these great options for meditation pillows.

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1. REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion

Whether you’re new to meditating or you already have a solid practice, the REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion is a great addition to any relaxation space. The Reehut is available in four colors and three size options, including 12, 13 and 16-inches wide. All pillows are 4.5 inches high, lifting users off the ground enough to open hips and provide space for a cross-legged position. Helping to promote proper posture while sitting, the Reehut can also be used to support and stretch the neck, spine, back and legs while sleeping. An attached handle provides ease of portability for the buckwheat-filled cushion, which is breathable and will retain its shape even after multiple uses.

Pros: The cover on the REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion can be removed and machine washed. Unlike some pillows, which leave the buckwheat hulls free, the Reehut has a separate zippered pouch for the hulls, which makes cleaning the exterior cover easy and mess-free.

Cons: Some users may find the Reehut overly firm.

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2. Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Cushion

The Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga Bolster Pillow Cushion is a versatile piece that compliments any type of meditation or yoga practice and flow. The eco-friendly pillow is filled with buckwheat and measures 5 inches high with a 13 or 16-inch optional diameter. With seven colors available, it will be easy to find a pillow that matches your home decor. Complete with a machine washable cover, this pillow is great for anyone looking to improve their practice of meditation, yoga, floor sitting, or even as a sleep aid for back and neck support.

Pros: The Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga Bolster Pillow Cushion has a convenient handle on the side that makes it easy to carry the pillow around the home or to the yoga studio.

Cons: The smell of buckwheat is strong and could be overpowering for some users.

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3. Zafuko Yoga and Meditation Block

The Zafuko Yoga and Meditation Block is a great addition to any meditation, yoga, Pilates or Kundalini practice. The non-slip block can be used as a cushion or as added support for yoga or meditating. The material used is eco-friendly, vegan, and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for users with skin sensitivities. We also love the 11 beautiful and bold color options the block is available in.

Pros: The cotton pillow can be washed and air-dried.

Cons: The Zafuko may not provide a large enough base to sit comfortably for extended periods for some users.

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4. Lotuscrafts Zabuton Meditation Mat

For a large mat that provides a comfortable place to sit and meditate, try the Lotuscrafts Zabuton Meditation Mat. The 34 by 30-inch Lotuscraft is 1.6 inches high, keeping users close to the earth while providing a supportive place to sit. The meditation mat is made using organic cotton and is produced with sustainable practices under fair working conditions. The mat is filled with high quality fleece to create a shock-absorbing seat. Customers can choose between six available colors.

Pros: The Lotuscraft can be used on its own or in addition to a round or crescent-shaped meditation cushion. Thanks to the large size of the Lotuscraft, it can be placed under a higher cushion and provide a soft place for feet and ankles to rest while meditating.

Cons: The Lotuscraft comes with a big price tag. It also doesn’t provide much height or double as a bolster like many of the cushions on our list.

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5. Anja Buckwheat Meditation Cushion

Give your meditation practice a lift with the Anja Buckwheat Meditation Cushion. The durable Zafu style cushion is made with two zippered layers, including a removeable and washable cotton-velvet outer layer. The inner layer houses the cushion’s organic buckwheat filling, as well as traces of lavender to help aid in setting the tone for relaxation. The pillow includes a handle for carrying purposes and customers can choose from three colors.

Pros: The Anja comes with a matching travel tote for easy transportation and convenient storage.

Cons: Customers with sensitivities to smell make not appreciate the added lavender scent.

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6. Bean Products Meditation Cushion Set

Our team loves the Bean Products Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set, which allows for your hips to be raised while meditating, while also providing a cushioned support for ankles and knees in the cross-legged position. The cushion properly aligns the spine and hips, allowing users to move deeper into their pose. The cushion is filled with 100 percent organic buckwheat hulls and the cover can be easily removed for washing after a particularly sweaty meditation session.

Pros: The Zafu set is available in more than 30 color options.

Cons: The Zafu comes with a steep price tag.

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7. Peace Yoga Meditation Cushion

For an alternative to traditional round meditation pillows, we recommend the Peace Yoga Meditation Cushion. The crescent shaped cushion provides firm support that cradles the buttocks and upper legs. Users can bring their feet closer to their body during certain poses, which helps take the stress off the legs and back. The Peace Yoga measures 18-inches long and 9.6-inches wide for a generous seat that can be used for sitting, as a bolster, or to provide support while sleeping. The pillow is filled with buckwheat and users can remove hulls to achieve their desired level of firmness. The outer cover can be removed and machine washed with cold water.

Pros: At 5.7 inches high, the Peace Yoga Meditation Cushion is ideal for taller users who require more height to achieve the space necessary to open their hips when seated.

Cons: Because of its height, the Peace Yoga may be too high for those who are new to yoga and meditating and may find their core unsteady on the cushion. At 6.8 pounds, the Peace Yoga is one of the heaviest pillows on our list.

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