The 10 Best Workout Leggings For Men On Amazon Under $25

Best Men’s Workout Leggings: Compression Pants
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* Men’s compression pants under $25
* Improve blood flow while staying dry and warm
* Pairs for every gym style

Men’s workout leggings (a.k.a. “meggings”) have recently become a gym wardrobe essential. It took a second, but guys are now realizing the many benefits of wearing compression pants while lifting weights, running or playing sports.

Besides making you feel more like a professional athlete, great workout tights also increase blood flow for better performance, wick sweat to keep you dry and keep you warm during winter workouts or runs.

But unlike some gym gear, meggings don’t have to break the bank. Here are 10 pairs under $25

1. Defender Compression Pants

You’ll be hard pressed to find compression pants for a better price than these. They’re just $9, but they offer a surprisingly good build quality.

Green Workout Leggings Men's Image courtesy of Amazon


2. DRSKIN Compression Tights (Blue)

These DRSKINs come very highly rated with almost 3,000 reviews and 4.5 stars. Plus, some color options can be had for less than $10.

Blue Workout Tights Men's Image courtesy of Amazon


3. TSLA Men’s Compression Pants

Another very highly rated option are these compression pants from TSLA. They come in a digital camo (pictured below) that scores some style points while also upping your game.

Light Workout Leggings Men's Image courtesy of Amazon


4. DRSKIN Compression Tights (Camo)

We’re big fans of the all-black camo pattern on these DRSKIN leggings because they go with any gym outfit while subtly adding some unique flair.

Camo Compression Pants Men's Image courtesy of Amazon


5. TSLA Men’s Emboss Pants

These ergonomically fitted workout pants from TSLA come in a huge variety of unique colors, so there’s something for every guy’s style. Plus, they boast great reviews with 4.5 stars and over 1,300 reviews.

Workout Tights for Men Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Roadbox Men’s Compression Pants

If you prefer a monotone gym getup, go for these grey Roadbox compression pants. They’re minimal, stylish, and great as a go-to gym essential.

Grey Workout Tights Men's Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Athmile Sports Compression Pants

Athmile’s compression pants have a secret trick up their sleeve: UV protection. This is great if you enjoy long runs or outdoor workouts in the sun.

Compression Leggings for Men Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Under Armour HeatGear Leggings

Like most of Under Armour’s products, these leggings are worth checking out. They feature a tough, lightweight fabric that’s ergonomically designed to wick sweat and improve blood flow—no matter the sport.

Colorful Workout Leggings Under Armour Image courtesy of Amazon


9. CompressionZ Men’s Compression Pant

If you’re looking for a more high-quality pair of compression pants, go for these from CompressionZ. They’ll last slightly longer, especially if you workout often.

Blue Workout Tights Men's Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Neleus Men’s 2 Pack Compression Pants

Let’s be honest: sometimes we don’t get around to washing gym clothes. That’s why buying a 2-pack of compression pants might be a good idea.

Workout Leggings Pack Men's Image courtesy of Amazon


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