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This $27 Camera Lets You Look Inside Your Ear With Your Phone

* Tiny, self-lighting camera to check for in-ear blockages
* Lets you look at ear wax and pores on your smartphone’s high-res display
* Looking in crevasses has never been easier: hypochondriacs beware

You’ve heard the phrase “put the phone to your ear,” but with this easy-to-use, app enabled otoscope camera, you can actually use your phone to look inside your ear. It’s helpful when you want to check and make sure they’re not clogged with earwax, or if you need to treat a bugbite in what is probably one of the top three or so most annoying places to have a bugbite. It also makes a handy grooming tool for checking out ingrown hairs and pimples, and can help you get rid of blockages and aural issues.

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This camera comes with tiny LED lights that make for a clear picture without causing heat build up. It also connects easily to your smartphone, tablet or computer (for easy viewing), and comes with ear adapters in four different sizes. This last bit is especially cool considering you could use this for pets’ ears as well. A different adapter is recommended for your dog or cat and you, naturally. Used with a little veterinary knowledge, it can help diagnose ear itches and infections and help let you know when it’s time for a cleaning. Disclaimer: cats will very probably hate it. They will attack it. Luckily, it’s only twenty-seven dollars, and comes with a pretty rugged 1.5-meter long cable anyway.

This device is super safe to use and lets you address any ear-related issues with clarity and convenience. Why pay for an expensive doctor’s visit when you can assess the situation at home? With more than a hundred reviews online, this at-home ear exam kit has been praised by reviewers for its ease of use and ability to fit in various sizes of ears without needing adjustments.

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