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Bring Pilates Class Home With One of These Reformers

Working out can be difficult even for the most dedicated of gym goers. Long days at work, caring for children, expensive gym memberships, class times that aren’t conducive to your schedule, travel time to the gym, inclement weather for outdoor exercises, and preexisting injuries can all make working out so difficult that it’s often the first thing to go on your daily To-Do list. That’s why home gyms, which are affordable, take up minimal space, and can still provide a great workout are the busy persons’ expert hack to focusing on their fitness. If you’re someone who already loves pilates or you want a home gym that is gentle on joints, we recommended forgoing the traditional home gym and purchasing a pilates reformer machine instead.

Memberships to pilates studios tend to be one of the most expensive options when it comes to fitness classes. Small instructor to student ratios and expensive reformer machines are responsible for driving up the price. But with pilates as one of the best ways to tone your entire body while also providing a workout that is gentle on joints and ideal for those with back and neck injuries, we wanted to find a way around an expensive membership and structure class schedule. Thankfully, there are pilates reformer machines that can turn your home into a pilates studio at the same price that you would pay for a few months of membership.

Reformer machines can improve balance and flexibility, while also toning arms, legs and core muscles. Pilates exercises are gentle on the back, making a reformer a great option for anyone with preexisting injuries. A reformer machine is also a great investment because pilates is an exercise that can be done regardless of age, making it a machine that will keep you in shape for years to come.

If you’re ready to be tough on toning and gentle on joints and muscles, check out our top three picks for our favorite pilates reformer machines.

1. AeroPilates Premier

Get a professional quality pilates reformer at home with the AeroPilates Premier, which comes with everything you need to turn your home into a pilates studio, including a cardio rebounder, head and neck pillow and two workout DVDs.

Pros: The AeroPilates is about as close as you can get to a pilates studio in your home. The reformer comes with an adjustable four-cord resistance, a stand, a cardio rebounder, a head and neck pillow, two workout DVDs, and a wall chart. Conducive to workouts for both beginners and experts, the AeroPilates has a wide trapezoidal platform and tall, patented rebounder that makes for a workout that is comfortable on your back and your joints.

Cons: The AeroPilates Premier is more expensive than some other options.

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2. balanced body Studio Reformer

If you’ve got the space (and budget) for it, this reformer from balanced body is a great option. The wood construction makes it more stylish than some other options.

Pros: Balanced Body’s reformer is made from maple, and features an upholstered seat. It’s designed with studios in mind, which is why it’s especially durable. It’s also made to be versatile, and you can add accessories and equipment as needed for a full-body workout.

Cons: More expensive than some other options.

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3. Weider Ultimate Body Works

Get a total body workout with the Weider Ultimate Body Works, which is designed to provide more than 50 exercises and can be easily stored flat when not in use.

Pros: The Weider is a full body gym that can be used for various pilates exercises and more. Working with your body weight, users can also access the four included resistance bands for added resistance up to 50 pounds. The Weider can incline and double as a bench for lifting free weights and comes with an exercise guide.

Cons: The Weider isn’t a traditional pilates reformer machine and doesn’t have a sliding platform or high bar.

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