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This $15 Spray Disinfects Your Pillow Before You Sleep, To Prevent Bacteria From Building Up

Occasional breakouts and acne can be due to a number of different ailments, but one culprit, you may not think to blame might be something you sleep with every single night: your pillowcase. While this may not be the main contributor to all of your breakouts, your pillow collect germs, dead skin, and bacteria while you rest, even if you wash it regularly.

Diva Stuff’s Antibacterial Pillow Mist is an all natural pillow spray designed to fight bacteria and kill the germs that cause acne. The goal of this mist is to ultimately elevate your already stellar anti-acne beauty routine by spraying your pillows nightly with this antibacterial mist to inhibit bacterial growth. As bacteria are known to grow and flourish on pillowcases due to accumulated dirt and excess oils we naturally give off, it is important to not only change out your pillowcase on a regular basis (at least once per week) but also spray this mist every night before going to bed as well.

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It’s infused with all natural ingredients such as tea tree oil which works as a natural antiseptic and popular acne treatment, while the calming scent of lavender helps you relax as you fall asleep. Other ingredients include peppermint water to help cool the skin while also combating any bacterial growth, and clary sage water to reduce skin inflammation.

The Diva Stuff Pillow Mist is effective yet gentle enough to be used to freshen up every room in your house as well as your blankets, comforters, sheets and even carpets to kill germs while removing bad odors.


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