Healthy Humidity On The Go: The 7 Best Portable Humidifiers

cool mist humidifiers portable best personal
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* Humidifiers make dry air a lot more bearable
* Humidified air can prevent sickness as it doesn’t transmit viruses as well as dry air
* These 7 devices are portable – take them to work, in the car or on vacation

While dry air can mean chapped lips and itchy skin, it can be more detrimental to our general health. In fact, studies show that dry air transmits 56% more viruses than moist air does.

To avoid getting sick this season, a humidifier may be your best option. But there’s no need to buy some large contraption to put in the corner. These 7 small devices are actually portable humidifiers. Bring them to the office, in the car or while on vacation to reap the benefits of humidified air all the time.

1. YOUOWO Ultrasonic Humidifier

This portable humidifier has major operating power. With a 180 ml container, it can easily provide healthy air for 5 hours. In addition, the ultrasonic operation provides high frequency atomization that’s quiet and keeps the air super moist. The lightweight design operates using a USB interface and one, switch on/off button. And the humidifier comes with 2 sponge wicks to get you going right away.

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2. Sbode Humidifier

Modern in design, the Sbode humidifier will blend into any modern home or workplace. The silicone cylinder can hold 250ml of water and create 35ml of moisture each hour. That means you’ll have 7 hours of output, and an automatic shut off when the water is used up ensures safety. Finally, ultrasonic technology allows this humidifier to produce ultra fine mist extremely quietly.

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3. Ashbringer Personal Mini Air Humidifier

This portable humidifier is conveniently powered by a 5V DC USB port. An automiatic shutoff means it won’t run for more than three hours, and cowboy cap designs makes a unique statement wherever you put it. You can also use it as an essential oils diffuser.

Ashbringer Personal Mini Air Humidifier


4. Walkas Mini Portable Cool Mist Humidifier

The Walkas cool mist humidifier will go wherever you go so long as you have a USB power source and a container filled with pure water. The mister also works as a diffuser when essential oils are added to the basin. And as an added bonus, this Walkas product can be used as a nightlight owing to its 7 color changing LED lights.

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5. HomeStarry USB Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

Enjoy healthy and humid air in the car with the HomeStarry USB humidifier. This device fits perfectly in any vehicle cup holder and functions using your car’s USB plug. Of course, the diffuser/humidifier can also be used anywhere you have a USB outlet, including the office, the bedroom or a classroom. It’s simple to use, too. Only 2 buttons operate the entire device, controlling on and off functions, misting modes and the color changing lights.

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6. DOGOO USB Mini Portable Humidifier

Pretty in pink, the DOGOO mini humidifier can be placed into any glass of clean water, and it will produce humid, refreshing air for you to breathe. If you don’t have an appropriate glass at hand, this product does come with its own matching water cup, which works to keep the water that’s used free from dust and lint. And the DOGOO humidifier acts as an ionizer by releasing negative ions to combat harmful positive ions. With simply a cup full of water and a USB port, you’ll be on your way to breathing healthier air.

cool mist humidifiers portable best personal ultrasonic usb mini



7. Fancii Personal Humidifier

The Fancii humidifier goes a step above and beyond the DOGOO version. This tiny device uses a standard sized water bottle as a water tank. Simply insert the neck of the bottle to produce hygienic, humidified air quickly. Furthermore, this device works at a volume below 15 decibels, so you won’t even notice it’s there. And it’s powered by 3 AA batteries, so there’s no need for messy cords.

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