4 Top-Rated Supplements to Help Your Body Recover Post-Workout

best post workout supplements
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If you want to make sure all that hard work in the gym actually makes a difference, you need to get your post-workout routine on-point. Right after a workout, your body is primed to rebuild bigger and stronger. But if you don’t treat it right, significant gains can be lost.

Drinking plenty of water, rolling with a foam roller, using a massage gun, soaking in an ice bath or sweating it out in your at-home sauna are all great options for taking care of your body after a grueling training session. Another easy way to upgrade your post-workout routine is with the right supplements.

Creatine, mass gainer supplements and protein powder are all formulated to give your body the extra boost it needs to not just bounce back after a workout but come back stronger than before. These will provide your body with the all the pure nutrients it wants after a workout – without the extra calories of a big post-workout meal.

However, sifting through all of the post-workout recovery supplements you could theoretically take can be confusing and overwhelming. So, we rounded up the five top ones for supporting fitness progress and picked out our favorite brands for each to make building your supplement regimen as easy as possible.


Best Post-Workout Supplements

Supplement 1: Creatine

Creatine is a necessary supplement for muscle contraction and growth in the body, which is why it’s great to take before and after a workout. It’s the most extensively researched supplement available both in terms of its long and short term effects, and it’s generally seen as safe and effective to use by fitness and healthcare professionals.

Research shows that taking creatine supplements may help improve your exercise performance, prevent or reduce the severity of injury, help you recover after intense exercise and help athletes tolerate heavier training loads. The supplement is allowed by professional sports associations like the International Olympic Committee and the NCAA.

1. BulkSupplements Creatine Powder

These creatine gel capsules from BulkSupplements are a bulletproof option. They’re 99.99% creatine (the natural solution that facilitates energy release in your muscle cells), and they come very highly rated with over 11,000 reviews and 4.8 stars.

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2. Genius Creatine Powder

Another great creatine powder is this one from Genius. It works quickly to energize your muscles after a tough workout, allowing them to rebuild stronger and bigger. Five grams of creapure monohydrate is combined with beta alanine to support building muscles and recharging through bioavailability. It contains no artificial fillers or dyes, and may also support brain function.

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Supplement 2: Whey Protein

Whey protein is a go-to for many athletes after a workout because it helps build muscle mass and helps your body restore energy supplies after a workout. It’s concentrated protein designed to feed your muscles efficiently in a short amount of time and with a small amount of food. Typically, whey protein is formulated to be mixed with water, milk or in a smoothie or shaker. A blender bottle comes with a small blender ball whisk that makes this process super easy.

3. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

This gold standard whey protein from Optimum Nutrition has 24 grams of protein per serving as well as 5 grams of branched-chain amino acids. It only has 1-3 grams of sugar with a rich chocolate flavor and has been instantized for better mixability and fewer lumps and clumps.

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4. BSN Amino X Post Workout Powder

This protein-carb powder is another go-to for weightlifters because it delivers the most effective type of protein to your muscles. We like this one from BSN because it packs 10 grams of amino acids per serving, and tastes decent too.

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Supplement 3: Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Amino acids make up different proteins in the body, and branched chain amino acids have a unique structure also found in protein-rich whole foods like eggs, meat and dairy products. Potential benefits of adding BCAAs to one’s post-workout routine include increased muscle growth, decreased muscle soreness and overall reduced fatigue from exercise. We’ve included a top-brand that makes a BCAA supplement you can easily drink for electrolytes, but many whey protein powders contain branched chain amino acids as well, including the one above.

5. XTEND Original BCAA Powder

This powder drink is formulated with BCAAs and Glutamine for muscle recovery. It’s sugar free and has a pleasant mango flavor perfect for mixing in water or a smoothie. There are seven grams of BCAAs per serving and the formula is NSF tested and certified for its quality and safety.

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Supplement 4: Glutamine

If you’re going to start taking supplements after your workout, creatine, protein and BCAAs are the ones to start with. However, there is one more worth highlighting if you really want to go all in. The first one is glutamine, an amino acid with many different functions in the body, including making up as much as 60% of the amino acid pool inside your muscular system. It helps your body recover from strenuous activity through aiding in protein synthesis.

6. Optimum Nutrition L-Glutamine

Optimum Nutrition sells glutamine in capsule form with 1,000 milligrams of pure l-glutamine per two capsules. The jar comes with a two month supply and each capsule is formulated to help with muscle protein development.

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7. Vintage Build Post Workout Powder

This complete post-workout blend is even better than its cool label suggests. It contains a careful mix of amino acids, creatine, and L-glutamine, which all work in unison. It was developed and tested by real bodybuilders, and we think it’s well worth the extra dough if you workout often.

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