6 Off Beat Products That Actually Treat Stinky Feet & Shoes

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* Eliminate odors and absorb moisture
* Sanitize shoes and kills odor-causing bacteria
* Reduce foot sweat to keep you feeling dry

Stinky feet (and shoes) is an embarrassing, yet common problem for many people — especially for athletes and those prone to excessive sweating. And sometimes, conventional powders and deodorizers just don’t cut it. We’ve found 6 unconventional and smart solutions to make your toes easier on the nose.

1. Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray

Spray the stench away with Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray. This natural, herbal treatment is specially formulated with antiseptic, deodorizing and healing Tea Tree Oil. Its refreshing botanical formula revives feet fast and leaves them with a crisp, clean scent.

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Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray



2. Shower Foot Massager Scrubber & Cleaner 

This smart shower foot scrubber is loaded with hundreds of scrubbing bristles that slip into those hard to reach areas between your toes, getting them extra clean. Even better, you don’t have to bend over to get the job done. Plus, you’ll love how it feels as it massages your tired, achy feet. That kind of stimulation is also a good way to improve foot and leg circulation, all while fighting athletes foot and foot odor.

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Shower Foot Massager Scrubber & Cleaner 



3. California Home Goods Shower Foot Scrubber

California Home Goods makes feet happy with one amazing invention that scrubs, cleans, and massages your feet all at the same time. Basically, it’s like a spa day for your feet, with over a thousand massaging bristles that deliver invigorating brush action that removes dead skin and thoroughly cleans feet. It sticks to the shower floor with suctions cups for ease of use.

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4. Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion

Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion is the #1 dermatologist-recommended treatment for sweaty feet. Like an antiperspirant for your feet, It’s designed specifically to stop odors, and plantar hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive foot sweat. It’s so effective, you just a pea-sized dollop can instantly reduce sweat on your feet without any irritation.

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Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion

$14.95 $19.99 25% OFF


5. PEET Ultra Dryer

The Peet Dryer removes wetness, sweat, and odor to sanitize your shoes in just a few hours. Regardless of what material your shoes are made of, this device keeps them comfortable, odor-free, and dry.

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PEET, Ultra Dryer, Sanitizer, and Deodorizer for Shoes



6. Sharper Image Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer

This futuristic Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer uses UV technology to kill bacteria that causes odor in your favorite footwear in just a couple of hours. It’s safe to use on all shoes and insoles, regardless of the size. It even works on open-toed sandals, too.

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Sharper Image Ultraviolet Shoe Deodorizer



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