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Get a Spotter in Your Home Gym With a Pull-up Assist Band

Whether you’re new to the punishing world of pull-ups or you’ve been putting in reps for years, pull-up assist bands make a great addition to your routine. The bands come in a variety of sizes and help to alleviate weight when performing a pull-up. Once they’re wrapped around a pull-up bar, users can hook their knees or foot through the band and perform their pull-up as normal. A 25-pound band reduces a person’s body weight by 25 pounds, while a 100-pound band reduces body weight by, you got it, 100 pounds. The bands can help those who are new to pull-ups and aren’t ready to lift their full body weight, while giving those who are pull-up pros an assist to ensure they maintain proper form even when tired.

Pull-up assist bands are a versatile piece of equipment that can also help with powerlifting, bicep curls, tricep curls, leg curls, squats, stretching and more. Lightweight and affordable, they’re a great addition to any gym workout and can be used for fitness on the go.

For more on which pull-up assist bands to add to your workout routine, check out our four picks below.

1. WOD Nation Pull up Assistance Band

Alleviate some of your weight during pull-up sessions using a WOD Nation Pull up Assistance Band. The green band shown here is one of the company’s largest options, offering resistance between 50 to 125 pounds. The band measures 1 ¾” wide, 4.5 mm thick and 41” in length. The high weight resistance is ideal for those who are new to pull-ups or need assistance with chin up training. WOD Nation makes bands in other weight options and recommends customers double up when necessary. The green band is recommended for customers who weigh 150 – 200 pounds and are aiming for five unassisted pull-ups, or weigh over 250 pounds and want to increase to 15 unassisted pull-ups. Customers can feel secure with their purchase since WOD offers a lifetime guarantee on their bands.

Pros: The WOD Nation band is made with 100% natural rubber that is both durable and eco-friendly.

Cons: The WOD Nation band is almost twice as expensive as the Dynapro band and both options are sold as a single unit.

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2. LEEKEY Resistance Band Set

Stretch, strengthen and resist with the LEEKEY Resistance Band Set. The color-coded set includes four bands ranging in weight from 15 pounds to 85 pounds. Made with natural rubber for a durable product, the bands are designed for pull-up assistance, tension training and strength training. Store the bands together or transport them easily in the carrying case included with each set.

Pros: The Leekey set includes bands with weight resistance as low as 15 to 35 pounds, making them a versatile item that can be used for assistance with stretching, yoga and Pilates.

Cons: The Leekey set only goes up to a max band weight resistance of 85 pounds, the lowest of any single band or set on our list (bands can be used together for a max weight of 125 pounds). The weights are not labelled on the bands and customers must retain the instructions to confirm they’re using the correct band.

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3. Asani Pull Up Assistance Bands

Take your workout anywhere with the Asani Pull Up Assistance Bands. Unlike the other rubber bands on our list, the Asani are made with durable and eco-friendly natural latex. Do tricep curls, add resistance to squats, get a deeper stretch and receive some much-needed assistance with pull-ups using the bands in the Asani set. The set of four bands can be used by beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts, with each set including a bonus workout guide with tips and exercise ideas to help users get the most out of their bands.

Pros: The Asani set gives users a wide range of weights with their bands, starting with 15 pounds and going up to 125 pounds, which eliminates the need for many users to double up on bands like they would have to with the Leekey.

Cons: The Asani are the only bands on our list made with latex, which could aggravate users with latex allergies.

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4. DYNAPRO Power Resistance Band

For a durable and long-lasting pull-up assist band, try the DYNAPRO Power Resistance Band. Made from 100% natural, commercial-grade rubber, the Dynapro is designed to withstand the daily abuse of life in the gym. Available in a variety of sizes, the black band shown here provides 10 to 60 pounds of weight resistance. Dynapro customers with questions about the band can contact the USA based company directly and speak to one of the certified personal trainers on staff. Dynapro also offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Pros: With each purchase of a Dynapro band, customers receive access to the company’s massive free workout resource blog and private community, which includes tips and guides on workouts with the band.

Cons: The Dynapro has a strong rubber odor.

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