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Does Your Pull-Up Need a Little Boost? Get There Finally With the Help of These Assistance Resistance Bands

There are certain fitness feats that every gym rat aspires to complete. Running a mile, perfecting your kettle bell swing and bench pressing more than your bodyweight are all milestone accomplishments for those dedicated to the physical arts. The pull-up is another achievement many people work towards strength-wise, but sometimes it can feel just out of reach. In order to train and strengthen properly when you’re almost there but not quite, pull-up assist resistance bands can help immensely.

They’re resistance bands specifically designed to help you complete a pull-up, and ultimately get strong enough to do them on your own. They’re stronger and more elastic than standard resistance bands, made to hold bodyweight and give you the chance to lift yourself, with a little boost from the band itself. If you’ve been working your way towards a pull-up and are almost there, try out a pair of the following pull-up assist resistance bands and watch your strength and results improve.

1. ChampionPlus Pull Up Assist Bands

These pull-up assist resistance bands are made with 100% natural latex rubber with extremely high tear strength and great elasticity. The bounce back will help you perform pull-ups, power lifts and other gym exercises with ease. They’re wear-resistant, sturdy and last longer than standard, thinner resistance bands. This set includes four different levels of resistance ranging from 15-35 lbs to 50-125 lbs. They’re compact and easy to bring with you wherever you go and are made using environmentally-friendly materials.

Pros: Strong latex that’s very elastic and has a high tear strength, environmentally-friendly materials, four different resistance levels.

Cons: They might have a light smell when first unopened.

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2. URBNFit Pull Up Assist Resistance Bands

This set of resistance bands from URBNFit is made of premium high-grade latex rubber and comes with five different levels of resistance. You can increase or decrease your level of fitness using the set and accomplish your gym goals more easily. They’re great for giving you an extra boost with a pull-up or rehabbing an injury. They’re made with the highest quality materials that won’t tear or irritate your skin.

Pros: Five different levels of resistance, made of high-quality latex rubber, been tested for quality assurance.

Cons: Thicker bands are less portable.

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3. Draper’s Strength Heavy Duty Pull-Up Assist Band

Choose the band from Draper’s Strength that’s right for you and the exercises you want to do and you’ll be off to the races! They range from 2-200 lbs of resistance and come in a variety of colors, corresponding to the increasingly heavier levels of resistance. Each band is 41″ long and made of high-quality latex that’s designed to last for years without snapping. They’re durable enough for a variety of exercises from pull-ups to lunges, power lifting and physical therapy.

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Pros: Come in a wide range of resistance levels, made of durable materials, long enough to loop or tie with no trouble.

Cons: Sold separately and not in a set.

4. ZACRO Pull Up Exercise Resistance Bands

These ZACRO pull-up assist bands are made of 100% natural latex that’s safe and durable. The materials are also environmentally-friendly and non-toxic. The bands are made to be multifunctional and can be used for strength-training, lifting, resistance training and yoga as well. This set comes with five different resistance levels and can be used individually or together to assist in heavy lifts or challenge your body in new and interesting ways.

Pros: Full set with a variety of resistance levels, convenient for storage and very portable, durable latex that will last.

Cons: Lower maximum resistance than other band sets.

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5. Odoland Pull Up Assist Bands 5-Pack

This set takes resistance bands to the next level with accompanying accessories including a door anchor and handles for attaching your resistance band to a steady surface to work against. This set has five different levels of resistance ranging from 15-125 lbs that are all perfect for strength training and use in daily workouts. This set is very portable and comes with an e-book that you can easily download to your phone and access exercises anywhere from. They’re made of heavy-duty material that resists tearing even under intense stress, and the anchors can be attached to anything including doors, power racks and dumbbells.

Pros: Full set complete with five levels of resistance and anchoring handles, made of high-quality materials, comes with an e-book, lightweight and portable.

Cons: This set does not come with ankle cuffs.

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